Nishino Nanase: Zooom

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2017-06-24 00:36

It’s Nishino.
Good morning (she typed it out in Thai)


I was appointed as a Thailand Tourism Ambassador!
I am very happy ✨
A bridge to connect Japan and Thailand!

This is my first time coming to Thailand for a photoshoot and I immediately fell in love with Thailand.
First of all, I like the cityscape! Somehow, it feels calming.
Also, Thai people were kind.
The food was delicious and the colorfulness of it is wonderful.
It makes me want to take lots of pictures..
I was happy that I could go with Kazumin for the photoshoot ✨ hehe

*Imagine glorious sound effects*

Mr. Elephantttt

Ayutthaya, Phuket, Bangkok.
To people who have been there
and to people who haven’t
I think should definitely consider coming here to discover a new Thailand that awaits.
Next time I want to go to Phuket~
I was given the opportunity to be on the front cover
It has been a few years, so I am happy (^o^)!
It is totally different than the usual mode, we were able to give it a cool feeling and style ✨
Please take a look.
Thank you very much m(__)m
It’s the 23rd of the month, so of those ambitions, Part 1.
This is the first one so I decided on stewed pork cubes, which I am used to making
When I first came to Tokyo, my mom would make it and bring it to me, which I would freeze to preserve it and then eat a little bit of it at a time, but I wanted to learn how to make it myself so I had her teach it to me.
Simmer with stuff like apples and fruits for about 3 hours!
Ginger, too!
Oh, I substituted sugar with honey.

It takes time to make, but I eat it up really quickly.
I wonder if something like this is OK ヽ(´▽`)/
I’ll do my best tomorrow as well~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

General Elections Thank You Performance! Tani Marika

Source Ameblo: 2017-06-23 21:44:02

It’s Tani Marika!
The number of days left that I can update this blog is getting limited. Farewells are sad so I couldn’t bring myself to update ameblo-san very often. To everyone who have always waited for my post, I am sorry. But my love for all of my fans grows day by day!
And now, with only a few Tani ameblo’s remaining!
Although this will be long, please read it!!!
Yesterday I appeared in 「General Election Performance ~ First Off, Thank You! The Discussion Starts After That~」. I was really happy to be able to stand on this stage. Once again, to all of Tani’s fan that voted for me, thank you! Thank you very much. There are many deep things that I want to write about, so what should I write first…! First! Will be about that! The MC project that I participated in!

Believe it not!!
In the 「Bad While Lodging! Lifestyle Election!」, I ranked 「1st」!!!

I will not forget everyone’s cheers and applause… I was so happy to be 1st that I was trembling! I was hyperventilating when I found out that I was first, but Kumazaki who was next to me supported me! … I’m writing that in such a serious way (lol)

I was given the opportunity to make a speech there. Thanks to Sari-chan’s, I was able to deliver my speech easily. I am moved by Sari’s kindness. Thank you very much. I am grateful! Also, I consulted with Mina-chan, who is the MC, Matchan, who was 2nd, and staff-san, whom I place my trust in, about what I should say in my speech! Thanks to that, I was able to see the smiles of the fan and the smiles of the other members.

Also, Jurina-san, who was watching from behind, was laughing a lot and it made me very happy to see that. Everyone in SKE was laughing at Tani’s story; just that makes me happy! I love to see everyone’s smiles.

After my speech, the members who watched said 「I watched Tani’s speech! It lifted my spirits」. Hearing members say that made me so happy that I wanted to cry. The current Tani that energizes everyone, I’ll do my best to keep it up.
Additionally! On Yahoo! News!
SKE48’s first presentation of their new song 「Igai ni Mango」! And an un-idol-like disclosure at the General Election Thank You Performance!? (The TV) – Yahoo! News @YahooNewsTopics

I copy and pasted it!
It made me very happy(^_^)
I will never forget being able to be on yesterday’s stage!
To all of Tani’s fans who voted for Tani Marika, let me say it once again, thank you very much. I am grateful.

And starting from today, we are accepting applications to attend Igai ni Mango’s Handshake Event! Tani Marika will have 2 sections. I have also wrote this on the official blog and Mobile Mail, but it is sad that the time I get to meet with fans will be shorter T_T Because the Handshake Event is the one place where we get to meet and talk closely,, I honestly don’t want to miss the chance to meet with everyone.
However, I have come to terms with the result!

Tani wants to speak a lot with everyone!
I want to shake hands with everyone at the Handshake Event~ (。-_-。)♡

And by meeting everyone,
I’ll be able to feel, “I’ll once again do my best!”
Thank you very much.
Please come and see me.

I will be waiting (^_^)!!!
Lastly are the pictures I took recently Bababa–n!


Thank you very much for reading!
I’m gonna read the comments 〜(^o^)/ “Like”!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Fan of Suda Akari arrested over threatening tweets. Translated news article and the arrested fan’s tweets.

Implied Threat to Murder SKE48 Suda Akari. Male Fan Arrested. States that He “Liked Her Too Much.” (Link has died since this post was made.  Original Japanese is pasted after the translation below.)
June 15, 2017. Transmitted at 21:19. Tokai TV.

A 46-year-old male office worker living in West Ward, Nagoya City was arrested for writing implied threats of murder on the Twitter of a member of idol group SKE48.

Arrested was Matsui Hideo (46 years old). The suspicion is that in May of this year, he threatened SKE48 member Suda Akari (25 years old) by writing implied threats of murder such as “Die” on her Twitter.

Suda saw the writings and filed a report with the police. When police investigated, they were able to identify that it was the act of Matsui, the suspect, who had frequently attended Suda’s events.

During interrogation, Matsui said that he, “Liked her too much and did it out of jealousy,” and is thus admitting to the charges.

The police believe that Matsui was unhappy seeing Suda interact only with other people on Twitter, which led to his acts.

Tokai TV

Original Japanese text:

SKE48須田亜香里さん殺害をツイッターで示唆 ファンの男逮捕 「好き過ぎて…」と供述


逮捕されたのは、西区の会社員・松井秀夫容疑者(46)で今年5月、SKE48のメンバー・須田亜香里さん(25)のツイッターに「 死ね」などと殺害を示唆する書き込みをして脅迫した疑いが持たれています。




Below are Matsui Hideo’s tweets with translations:





Translated by: Conjyak
QC, Edited by: Veliem

Matsumura Sayuri: Active in Show Business (o・・o)

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2017/06/18 18:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
Today at 11:00PM
I’ll appear on 「Nogizaka46 no Gaku Tabi」
which will be broadcast on NHK BS Premium!
Please watch-mat3.png

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Announcement (o・・o)

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2017-06-13 11:12

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
I’ll be appearing on stage-
FILL-IN firuin ~ musume no bando ni oya ga deru ~

The stage performance will be from
2017 July 13th (Thurs) ~ 23rd (Sun).

It will be during the tour!
When Nogizaka hype is on the rise!!
The members are
Uchiba Katsunori-san

Sagara Itsuki-san

Chisuga Haruka-san

Shiozaki Airu-san

Tadano Yōhei-san

Kikuchi Kenichi (Ginnana)-san

Takuma Seiko-san

Ikeno Medaka-san
Kakimaru Michie-san!!!
whom Nogizaka46 has always been indebted to.
Also, Gotō Hirohito-san ← The person who is lying in the poster.
He did the screenplay and staging and will be performing.
It will be a heart-warming, “heartful” production!
And since I’m in a girl band,
I’m gonna do band stuff!!!
“Do band stuff” might not make any sense, but
Every stage performance will be live!!
I will be playing bass!!
Everyday I’m practicing playing the bass.
The performances will be live!!!
It’s a band!!!
The band’s practice videos are uploaded
on the official website.
The video is 「My First Bass」.
Please watch-
And please come~
After the Jingu Live is over,
you’ll want to experience some new music!!
Tickets are now on sale!!
Thank you!
My partner.
When we’re together everyday,
affection does grow,,,.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Jikasei: Vote For Tani Marika


To all followers,

Thank you very much for all your support.  Give a vote to Tani | Ma | ri | ka my name is (Jikasei).  As the final date of the General Elections comes closer and closer, how are you all doing?

There is something I would like to ask of you at this moment, and thus I am handwriting this letter instead of doing a tweet.  A partial reason is that it won’t fit in 140 characters, but the main reason is because I felt that handwriting my thoughts would better communicate my serious feelings to your hearts much more.

I am that serious in what I want to ask of you.  I usually just tweet silly things, but this time I am not joking around at all.  I know this is an impossible plea but,

Please everyone,

Give five quadrillion votes to Tani Marika.

If you can’t, just one vote is fine.  What Tani Marika needs right now is that one vote.  If possible, even eight quadrillion votes would be okay.  If you could lend just a little bit of your help…?  Please, thank you very much.

2017.6.10 Jikasei

Translated by: Conjyak
QC: Veliem

Milky, Bound for Adulthood, Volume 16

Watanabe Milky bag check! We will get a glimpse into what kind of bags she usually uses and what she usually carries inside. Also, Milky is cheap? Watch and find out for yourself!


Download: MG
Decryption Key: !HgPlGm_JL3pjcye6qpSFD5PsaY7BCD2SePOi6gjHf1k

Streaming: DM, VK


Sasaki Kotoko: Exercise

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2017-06-09 13:06

A little while ago, I started playing chess again for the first time in many years.
I played shogi before so I feel like don’t lose as much like I did before.
If I match myself with a similar level player, I sometimes even win.
But I had stopped playing chess before because I started playing shogi…
From now on, in my free time I think I will play chess more while playing a little shogi on the side.
Chess is a sport!
I dont have many photos of myself so this is a photo from a while ago.
I’ll post off-shots from a magazine photo shoot that I did recently.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Igai ni Mango! Tani Marika

Source Ameblo:
2017-06-08 21:58:14

【※Note of Caution】
As I announced last time!!
There are highs and lows in the writing compared to last time.
It ended up being a very heavy blog post.
There are grotesque expressions as well,
so read only if you’re prepared…
(Just kidding! It’s a regular blog post ★ probably)
This is Tani Marika.
It was announced the other day!

As you all know,,
my name is not in the next single.
Knowing both that I ranked out and the date that it would be announced, I was trying to really prepare myself… but when the time came, I found myself blanked out.

To be honest, every time a single is announced I would be happy but would also think what if I’m not on the next one? I would find myself feeling very anxious.

What I thought most when I ranked out.
“This moment has actually come,”
“What will the faces be like of the fans who support me? Will they be sad for me?” “What should I say to the other members?” I thought while biting my lips. The very first thought in my mind was the faces of the fans that support me.
With those thoughts!!
To not worry the fans,
the usual Tani Marika, my energetic self!
I updated the blog with a funny, masochistic post.

In my own way, I thought, “Everyone will have a laugh!!!”
Just that alone makes me happy so I updated it but…
instead I caused people to worry about me (><)!

I’m sorry.

Everyone is kind. Thank you.
I read all the comments on SNS!
There were more warm and loving comments than I thought there’d be and I realized anew that I’m surrounded by love.
That alone makes Tani happy!
there were many comments from
fans who said, “I want to hear your true thoughts.”
And, there were many comments
like, “It’s okay to cry, ok?”…
To give you my real thoughts,
my heart is in much pain.
My heart really wants to cry,
But, you see.
I won’t cry.
If Tani,,,
cries here, then it’s no good.

It’s no good (..)
If I cry in front of everyone, I will become no good, everything up to now will go to waste, I feel, so I don’t want to cry.
And I am not alone,
I thought, so I held back my tears
in front of everyone.
To everyone.
As I wrote on mobile mail,
my current self can only apologize
Finding myself like this, I feel ashamed.
the fact that I ranked out.
I should really be more regretful about it,
but before feeling regretful about it,,
I’ve already accepted the fact that I ranked out, which is sad!
If I am to put it briefly,
while everyone is putting in their effort,
my own effort wasn’t enough.

Have I become spoiled
by my environment?

I think so….
If I can just contribute even a little more to SKE!
is what Tani Marika thinks.

“Can I do it???”
“I can!” “It’ll be fine.”
I say to myself naggingly
over and over and over!!!

“I’ll do my best!!!”
Finding myself only able to say that is irritating (._.) LOL
Everyone, there’s no one who is
doing their best or not doing their best behind the scenes.

It’s just that one’s own best efforts
wasn’t enough here.

Rather than the fact that I ranked out,
finding myself only able to express these things like this
is what I’m most regretful about,
It’s not all sad things.
There were happy things, too!!

Which is about Tani’s blog the other day.
Before the announcement, other members actually
kindly said to me, “Tani will properly express your feelings and not run away with jokes, ok?”

But I went straight to running away with jokes.
Sorry (/ _ ; ) chuckle.

It makes me so happy that I could cry that
there are so many members who understand Tani.
Many members
seriously worried for Tani.

I received many Line messages, too.
I’m sorry to have worried everyone (/ _ ; )!
I love all these loving members!!!!
I’m not very good at communicating
my inadequacies and thoughts
and didn’t want to cause misunderstandings,
so I had only written the following on mobile mail.
There are just two things that I decided
for myself after I moved to SKE.
【To rank in at SKE】
When that came true, I remember
I was really happy and cried a lot.

The second is.
【To continue ranking in at SKE】
I felt there was a special meaning inside me,
a special form of me.
I feel regret that that form has disappeared.
And what I want to say the most,

is that after Tani moved to SKE,
to all the HKT48 fans who still support Tani Marika.
My friends who support me,

the fans who support me and
received me warmly at SKE48.
My friends who trust me enough to depend on me,

I want to say to each and every one
who supports Tani.
I am really, sorry
that I couldn’t remain in that form.
I’m sorry I let you down.
But, it’s been two and a half years
that I’ve been in SKE48! It’s been a miracle that
I’ve been ranked in! And that I continued to rank in.

I was very happy.
Here’s to being able to have happy moments
and still have them now.
Is because of the fans who give it their best,
and because of the fans and their support.
Thank you!
Thank you.

Thank you very much.
When I graduate.
There was nothing I regret having unfinished while in SKE48.
To realize a future where I can proudly say that,
I will improve myself and give it my best in this present!
At an important time.
Before the General Elections,
to have shown a sad face to all the fans,
I am really sorry…

I really wanted to enter the General Elections with everyone
with good momentum.
I didn’t want to cause people to have sad faces.
I’m really sorry.
There’s still a lot that I want to write about
but what I can say now is only the above.
I hope I can cry happy tears…
with everyone on June 17th.
Tani believes in everyone ^^
I’m excited about the new SKE!!!!!
As I announced previously,
a long blog post with too many highs and lows that your ears will ring,
Thank you very much for reading.
tani blog

I’m so happy mango~ that you’ve read it!
Huh? (´・ω・`)?

Translated by: Conjyak
QC: Veliem

Oedo Onsen Monogatari 14

Katayama Haruka and Tanabe Miku visits Ise-shima’s Oedo Onsen to find the source of energy at Japan’s onsen. During this time, they will reveal secrets about each other, talk about the future, play with their food, and visit Ise Shrine, which is considered to be one of Shinto’s holiest sites.


Download: MG
Decryption Key: !TNinL4uzPr4Kv2n5tHToJrNau09W7YxIYYjwdJvOOhs

Streaming: DM, VK