Matsumura Sayuri: It’s Heavyy (o・・o)

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2019/02/20 14:00

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!

It’s getting close.

Since the 7th Bday Live
will have all songs performed,
please practice the calls!! (LOL)
Due to feeling nervous
I already feel like my heart has gotten small…

「Nogizaka no Uta」 dance movie

Karaage Sisters 「Muhyoujou」


Sayuringo Gundan 「Hakumai-sama」

Manatsu Respect Gundan 「2dome no Kiss Kara」

Hadashide Summer

Also, the calls for 「Secret Graffiti」 are like this, please.

Earlier, on the official LINE app 「Higuchi-kun’s Wishes Movie」 was announced.
We would like everyone to say 「Linda」 and 「WOW WOW WOW」 during the chorus​!

Actually, we wanted all of the members’ names to be called, and thought about a call that has everyone’s names in it and other different stuff…
After discussing it, we figured, “It’s best if the people who come to the concert have something easy to remember and can enjoy it lightheartedly,” so it’ll only be for the chorus part (*^o^*)
Aside from the chorus, we hope everyone will get excited with their own way of enjoying things.

And lastly…
If it is okay…
I hope it will be okay…
During verse A at the 「Itsumo himana daina~」 part, we would be happy if you guys shout 「Chima Chima Hinachima Fuu Fuu!」 >_<

For people that feel 「That’s embarrassing~ >_<」, it’s okay to just quietly watch us with supportive eyes.

I want to make Secret Graffiti a song that we can enjoy with everyone.
Please and thank you (*^o^*)

Anyways, what I looked for and found
was something like this (´・ω・`)
But it’s up to you
whether you want to do it,
so please just enjoy the show ☆

The new Waraa WEB video has been released!
This time Shiraishi Mai-chan makes a cameo appearance!
Together, Mai-chan and I think hard about it ¥( ˆoˆ )/
Please do watch it.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Sasaki Kotoko: Virgo

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2019/02/20 14:54

I went to see the “State Tretyakov Gallery”
featuring ‘Romantic Russia’ (at the The Bunkamura Museum Of Art)
that they were doing in Shibuya.
Last year, when we were filming footage for the concert at Meiji Jingū Baseball Stadium and
Chichibu Rugby Field at Nogizaka Station, I saw an advertisement for ‘Romantic Russia’
that interested me, so I went.
I don’t know anything about the painting,
but I love the Unforgettable Woman (Unknown Woman) and I wanted to see it
while I’m still alive. So I’m glad I got a chance to see it in Japan.
It’s beautiful.
Also, aside from the Unforgettable Woman,
I saw the 「Portrait of Valya Khodasevich」 and 「Girl with Cornflowers」 for the first time
and it was wonderful.
It was cute.

I copied the hairstyle of Girl with Cornflowers,
for a certain video that was shot.
I also wore the blue ribbon.
The video will be played somewhere soon, look please forward to it.
By the way, I’m not wearing the ribbon, but there is a video taken with it on Sayuringo Gundan’s 755 so do check it out.

Kawago-san took these pics.

I’ve been reading the first volume of Karamazov Brothers for a while
and finally have about 100 pages left.
There is also a 2nd and 3rd volumes left, so there’s still a ways to go.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: It’ss SebaRingo (o・・o)

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2019/02/15 18:36

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!

Today, EX Taishuu’s March volume is on sale.
I’m on the cover!!!

It’s been a while since my last cover (^^)


There is an article inside on Code Geass
It feels like destiny ( ; ; )


I burst out crying during the opening
of Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Even after that, my emotions would get the best of me and I cried many times….

It messes with your emotions, but
I reconfirmed how great
Code Geass is.

It was awesome.

By the way,
it (EX Taishuu magazine issue) features Nogizaka46,
so there are a lot of members in it.


There are also a bunch of 4th gens in it ♡
Tsutsui Ayame-chan makes a gravure appearance ♡

There’re tons of content.
Please check it out!


Also, a new Waraa-san web video
has been released ♡
It looks delicious this time again… ☆
And there’s a new development!
to the usual exchange that happens♡

Please watch ☆
I wonder how it will turn out (^^)?

Looking at the 4th gen,
each generation of girls
has their own flavor so it’s fun and interesting.

Throughout 1st gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd;
each has a completely different feel to them.

I love that (different atmosphere among the different gens)
and the 4th gen also brings a new feel as well.
and is very interesting ♡

As these girls join Nogizaka,
I think to myself how things will get fun,

and Misa-san’s graduation announcement makes me sad.

All of the girls of my gen move forward more and more
and I find them cool for doing that and it makes me proud of them.

But, deep down, it kinda makes me sad.
The fact that I can’t express my feelings well during these moments
makes me frustrated.
But it isn’t all sadness!
My feelings are forward-looking!!
But, I do think it’s sad as well.

It’s difficult!!!
So, I’ll focus on making the concert a success
and do my best
to create as many great memories as possible!!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: A Little Bit of Snow is the Bestt (o・・o)

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2019/02/09 19:48

It’s Matsumuraa Sayuri.

Platinum FLASH vol.8

Did you guys see it??

A wonderful gravure called
Macchun LOVE is in it.

The cameraman is Kuwajima-san
and the stylist is Okutomi Masatō-san.
That’s the photography team, with
my favorite makeup artist Sōbu-san.

It was a team effort photo session
that created a Macchun LOVE style of world building ★

This fried chicken,
The staff specially bought it from a well-known place for me.
That was Macchun LOVEE (´ω`)
I want to eat it again…
Where was it from again?…


These clothes are so, so cute
As expected, they really know what Machu loves! ♡


There are tons,
so please check them out… !
Oh, our 4th gen-chan is on the cover ♡

Also, Waraa-san’s new video
is out ♡

Matsumuraa went on a trip!!

A video perfect for killing time during the three-day weekend ♡

Lately, I’ve been having a great time watching Zambi ♡
I’m enjoying being scared and watching it just like a regular viewer ♡
Manatsu-san is really great in many ways.
When Manatsu and Asuka
were playing basketball and went “Yaay☆,”
what was the play that happened!?
Manatsu-san went for it in her hairstyle during the school matriculation ceremony ♡
Yoda-chan’s sharp mind is amazing…

It just really makes me want to talk about it with someone!!!
I’m looking forward to next week’s (episode) as well ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Sasaki Kotoko: Hawk and Fugu

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2019/02/08 18:06

Good evening.

A little while ago,
I went to Ishihara Kaori-san’s
first LIVE: 「Sunny Spot Story」.
Actually, I almost cried 3 times;
when “Sunny You” started, during the MC segment, and during “empathy.”
Also, the video was very good.
And once again I was amazed at the difference between when she speaks and when she performs songs.
It was wonderful!
The Blu-ray and DVD will be on sale on April 17th. Please check it out if you’re interested.
And Kyari-san posted a two-shot of Kyari-san and me on her blog.
Oh, there is also another sort of two-shot here!
Please take a look.

I wonder when the pink dress and sneakers that Zagitova-san (Russian figure skater) wore in the PUMA ad will be released in Japan.
Will it even be released in Japan?
Is it the Spring/Summer collection? So it will be on sale in Spring?
In any case, Zagitova-san is beautiful…

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Matsumuraa is funnyy (o・・o)

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2019/02/07 18:54

It’s Matsumura(Matsumuraa) Sayuri(Sayuri).

Waraa-san’s new WEB video
has been released.

Did you guys watch the first episode!?

Maybe it is hard for me to convey it to you properly,
but I was put in charge of an important task (O_O)

Because it is so important,
I’m nervous, or I don’t even know
if I should I accept it…

But still, I will do my best in Matsumuraa★

I wonder how it will turn out…..

I have no idea!!

Episode 2 will be released on 2/8 (Fri)!!

Don’t miss it ★

Yesterday was the archangel, Hoshino Minami-sama’s

Yesterday, the atmosphere of the world
was very clear wasn’t it?
Every breath I took made me feel more purified.

The 21 year-old angel-sama
cutely tempts me every day.

Just by standing there,

Yes! Genius! is what she is,

yet she walks everyday!!! Pure!!!

When she’s singing and dancing,
she’s so brilliant that
I don’t know how to handle it ( T_T)\(^-^ )

The other day, I took a picture with
that Hoshino Minami-san.


Sometimes, when she sets her bangs,
she’s seriously tempting me, you know?
I love her. So cute. Love her.

Afterwards, many other members
said 「Oh, that’s nice ♡」 and
also took a picture with Minami-chan… Jealous!
(I’m looking forward to the uploaded picturess ☆)

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak