Milky, Bound for Adulthood, Volume 16

Watanabe Milky bag check! We will get a glimpse into what kind of bags she usually uses and what she usually carries inside. Also, Milky is cheap? Watch and find out for yourself!


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Milky Bound for Adulthood, Finale

Last episode of Milky, Bound for Adulthood!

Check out what Watanabe Miyuki has to say about the 1 year she spent with ModelPress, about the time she was with NMB, and her future goals. Additionally, she will reveal some of her insights about the world and about herself.

Thank you to convenience93, who provided the translation for this video.Β  Check out the full interview text at her blog:

Download: MG

Decryption Key: !aGTSr3mJA-PA4ONzmvov223olk2_4Aqi8mWEPx8QRoM

Streaming: DM, VK (link down)