Blouson Chiemi with B featuring Austin Mahone, Original and Halloween Version, Subbed

Blouson Chiemi (ブルゾンちえみ) has a lesson for all the single women out there.  If you haven’t heard of her, well, now you know.  And you also must have not been watching Japanese television then, cause she’s all over it.  This time, she also teams up with Austine Mahone, who sings her “theme song.”

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Original version (before she got big):

Download: MG
Key: !TfQCo-yx8c1Cl10lXecMOYxY6Lv5dsk2prHLGrAkxQk

Streaming: DM, VKVM (link down)

Original unsubbed raw:

Blouson Orig

Halloween version that was aired on October 25, 2017 on Count Down TV (CDTV):

Download: MG
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Streaming: DMVKVM (link down)

Blouson Halloween


Nishino Nanase: I Rarely Use an Umbrella

Source official blog:
2017-10-23 20:48

Good evening~
It’s Nishino Nanase.
During Lion no Guu Touch’s Stacking Series… I feel like I won’t be able to top this.
I used up a few days’ worth of concentration on this!
Everyone, by all means, try it out!

Taken during Gaku Tabi with high school students from Kagawa Prefecture, preparing the mackerel with everyone.

During the Meiji Essel Supercup Sweets shooting, the roles of strawberry and custard.
Outside of work,
I went to Marika’s solo exhibition,
saw 3rd gen’s stage play,
went to Kukki’s, of Yasei Bakudan, “Super Kukki Land,”
went to a live concert by Spitz,
went out to eat with the other members,
went to an outlet with my family,
went on a walk for about an hour,
watched a movie at the theaters,
was so looking forward to Mario Odyssey that I restarted playing Paper Mario: Color Spash ←?

I’ve been able to have time to refresh myself between working.
I laze around at home a lot, too, but I think I’m more active in the fall and winter than the summer.
Aspiration Part 5
The pumpkin and ground chicken are on the sweet side and
the pea shoots wrapped with enokitake mushrooms are made spicy with chili oil and
with mushroom rice, it had a smooth taste.
The luncheon mat is always this one. (LOL)
Answering some questions:

● What songs do you usually listen to?
Every day, I listen to Spitz-san because it give me strength!

● What do you definitely want to do in the winter?
Eat hot pot and although I don’t know how to ski nor snowboard, I want to go to a ski slope.
A fur hat I got!
My ears are warm, too ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Sasaki Kotoko: Rock

Source official blog:
2017-10-21 15:48

Good evening.

Thank you for the Under Live Kyushu Series!
Lots of things happened and it was fun.
I like this outfit.

Together with Kawago-san and Ayane-chan, we performed Muhyoujou during the Unit Corner.

Picture after the live.
Merchandise T-shirt

Other members posted pictures from dinners and group photos with stickers
so please check them out on their blogs!

Also, hope to see you in the Kinki and Shikoku Series!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Starting with Tomorroww’s (o・・o)

Source official blog:
2017-10-20 20:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
There are too many things
that I want to write about that
I don’t know where to begin.

Anyways, I’ll start with tomorrow’s!
Tomorow, I’ll make an apperance at TGC KITAKYUSHU2017.
And it seems that Nogizaka46 will also have a special stage
And accompanying the TGC KITAKYUSHU2017,

from 14:40
on NicoNico live stream,
「Nogizaka46 Backstage Live Stream from TGC KITAKYUSHU2017 SP」

Also, I will MC with
Eto Misa-chann

We hope to do various things such as
backstage report and
interview with model-sann!
Of course, we will have Nogizaka46 members appear as well~~
At the CanCam photoshoot…
I’m faintly smiling for some reason….
I am looking forward to seeing
you in Kitakyushuu!
I love going to Kyushu, so I’m happyy ♡
Thank you!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

171008 Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! ep03 (Kotohira, Kagawa), Subbed

Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! is a series that takes Nogizaka46 members and enrolls them as transfer students in a school for one day.  For that one day, the Nogizaka46 members will attend classes, have lunch, and join after school club activities with the regular students at the school.  In episode 3, Nishino, Inoue, Saito Yuri, Kawago, Hori, and Ozono will transfer for one day to Kotohira High School in Kotohira, Kagawa Prefecture.  Kotohira High School has a championship naginata team, and members of Nogizaka46 just recently completed a movie and stage play that features naginata (Asahinagu).  The high school is also close to a famous shrine called Kotohira-gu or Kompira Shrine.  The members climb the many stone steps up the shrine as part of their club activity training, as well as attend classes like regular students.

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Sasaki Kotoko: Woof

Source official blog:
2017-10-12 13:30

Long time no see.
A little while ago on NogiTen 2,
we held a “Sasaki Kotoko’s Home Party.”
Kawago-san, Karin-chan, Iori, and Ayane-chan brought sweets.
While we ate,
I talked about Russia.
I got Peach Tart from Karin-chan!
And it was made really well and delicious
From Iori, I got Iori’s mom’s homemade Peanut Butter Muffins and
store-bought chocolate!
Iori’s mom’s homemade (muffins) were delicious as expected
Ayane-chan brought me cookies!
It’s actually from a place where I’ve had them before, but I like them so I was happy
Kawago-san brought pudding made from wasanbon (fine-grained sugar)!
Also, she gave me homemade muffins and cookies
with a message card attached.
I ate it at home, but it was delicious.

I wanted them to become interested in Russia.
For each member,
For Karin-chan, FIFA World Cup (I heard that she was on the soccer team some time ago, and the World Cup will be held in Russia next year)
For Kawago-san, cheese (because Russia’s dairy products are delicious)
For Ayane-chan, Alexander-Nevsky Abbey (where poets’ and
composers’ graves are)
For Iori, perfume (by a company called A New Morning)
were my recommendations.
Besides that, I explained a schedule I made for
my “If I could go to St. Petersburg…” fantasy,
and also held a quiz about Russia…
For all the details, it’s available in the NogiTen 2 archives so
please check it out!

I met with the staff a few times to plan out the episode,
but I just talked about Russia and the staff summarized that
nicely into the flipboards and made a quiz for us,
and I just got to talk about something that I like
so the planning was really fun.
Also, I was asked “How did you get this knowledge and information?”
I said that one of the ways I got the information was using “How to Walk the Earth” (a tourism guidebook),
and the staff bought me a copy of “How to Walk the Earth” for Russia on the day of the live shooting.
I also said this on Mobame, but the 3rd season of SAO has been announced.
I’m looking forward to it~

So Magi (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) had its finale on Sunday.
I’ve been only reading the manga so I’m not up to there…
I hope the anime will continue…

I look forward to the anime next year!!

・Monthly New Type is on sale
This time, Nogizaka46’s award is Eromanga Sensei!
I wanted to go to Machiasobi~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Right now, I’m calmmm (o・・o)

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
The release of my first photo book
is official!

The title has not been decided yet,

It will be released on December 12th
by shogakukan-san.
The location is my beloved Hawaii ♡
It’s packed with the me of right now.
I just finished shooting
so I’m still feeling the aftereffects of jet lag,
but if I try to think back to when we were shooting,
I didn’t try to make myself look pretty
or cover up imperfections.
It was just me there.

How do I put it…

It felt like having my soul photographed.
My feelings, my life
I think if we shot this at the same place
with the same team one or two years later,
the me right now wouldn’t be there.

It’s like these photographs recorded the me of now.
I think both the me that many of you
already know well
and the me that is still not known are there.
I really didn’t think about having them shoot me a certain way
or think of whether this or that would be better and
left the surroundings
up to the CanCam team whom I can trust…

I was just there.

was what I thought after the photoshoot.
I’m not good at writing,
and am bad at conveying my feelings with words.
but I think I was able to them into these photographs.
I want to show them to everyone quickly
but I’m also feeling it’s embarrassing.

No, I think maybe my feeling that it’s embarrassing is stronger? (LOL)
I mean, there are lots of pictures of my butt. (LOL)
My reaction was…
『So this is what my butt is like.』 (LOL)
After all, I can’t see my own butt.
I didn’t expect my butt to be like that. (LOL)
There are also lots of offshots.
Although I want to show you everything,
I don’t know yet
what I’m allowed to show, so


here’s a Hawaiian-esque photo…
To commemorate the photo book,

we started an official Twitter and Instagram.
Offshots and news updates will be posted there!

Are you following? Please do.
In both cases, the account name? looks like
it’s short for Sayuringo photo book

and is sayuringo_pb.
Thank you~~
a series showing my physical work outs in preparation for the photo book has also started!

And it’s called 「Matsumura junbi chuu」. (Matsumura in Preparation)

It will be updated every Monday and Thursday!

Must-see material for girls of course! and also men who don’t like sports!
It’s a record of me, who doesn’t like sports, up until the photoshoot in Hawaii.
Please check this out as well.
I chose this at the airport because I thought it’d be good for the body.
Tomato juice.

Speaking of tomato juice,
doesn’t Marika-chan like it?

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak