Nishino Nanase: I Rarely Use an Umbrella

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2017-10-23 20:48

Good evening~
It’s Nishino Nanase.
During Lion no Guu Touch’s Stacking Series… I feel like I won’t be able to top this.
I used up a few days’ worth of concentration on this!
Everyone, by all means, try it out!

Taken during Gaku Tabi with high school students from Kagawa Prefecture, preparing the mackerel with everyone.

During the Meiji Essel Supercup Sweets shooting, the roles of strawberry and custard.
Outside of work,
I went to Marika’s solo exhibition,
saw 3rd gen’s stage play,
went to Kukki’s, of Yasei Bakudan, “Super Kukki Land,”
went to a live concert by Spitz,
went out to eat with the other members,
went to an outlet with my family,
went on a walk for about an hour,
watched a movie at the theaters,
was so looking forward to Mario Odyssey that I restarted playing Paper Mario: Color Spash ←?

I’ve been able to have time to refresh myself between working.
I laze around at home a lot, too, but I think I’m more active in the fall and winter than the summer.
Aspiration Part 5
The pumpkin and ground chicken are on the sweet side and
the pea shoots wrapped with enokitake mushrooms are made spicy with chili oil and
with mushroom rice, it had a smooth taste.
The luncheon mat is always this one. (LOL)
Answering some questions:

● What songs do you usually listen to?
Every day, I listen to Spitz-san because it give me strength!

● What do you definitely want to do in the winter?
Eat hot pot and although I don’t know how to ski nor snowboard, I want to go to a ski slope.
A fur hat I got!
My ears are warm, too ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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