Sasaki Kotoko: Friends

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2018/11/19 13:00

Yesterday, the stage play Kemono Friends 2 concluded.
I played the role of Kitakitsune.
Since it is a popular character, I had worries (that I wouldn’t be able to portray it properly),
but every day was fulfilling and fun.
All of the cast members were kind and funny,
and since I had little experience (with stage plays), they taught me a lot of stuff.
It was a great experience.
I truly had alot of fun!

During the closing party.
Azusa-san, who played Kurohyou (black leopard), forced me… told me to post this picture onto my blog, so I’m posting it.

Other pictures that I took with others are uploaded on their Twitter accounts so please check them out!

Bye then.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Sasaki Kotoko: Kemono

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2018/11/08 12:12

the stage play Kemono Friends 2
~Yuki Furu Yoru No Kemonotachi~
will start.
I will be playing the role of Kitakitsune (Ezo Red Fox),
but my personality will be different than that of the one in the anime,
so I will be happy if you could enjoy it by wondering if there are foxes like this (stage play) Kitakitsune-chan.

Bye then.

Translated by Veliem
Edited by Conjyak