Tony Awards, Robert De Niro, Japanese simultaneous translation, commentators, Subbed

At the 2018 Tony Awards, Robert De Niro said something about someone during his introduction. While on US TV it seems that it was bleeped out, Japan had a direct live feed with simultaneous translators.


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SUMOU – The Greatest National Sport (Japanese Internet Meme), Subbed

This is classified information, uncensored.  This is the reason why Japan does not need nukes.  Witness the greatest national sport, SUMOU.

SUMOU – The Greatest National Sport, Version Orange

YT, DM, VKVM (link down)

Original video, version orange (no English subs).

sumou orange.png


SUMOU – The Greatest National Sport, Version White

YT, DM, VKVM (link down)

Original video, version white (no English subs).

sumou white


Blouson Chiemi with B featuring Austin Mahone, Original and Halloween Version, Subbed

Blouson Chiemi (ブルゾンちえみ) has a lesson for all the single women out there.  If you haven’t heard of her, well, now you know.  And you also must have not been watching Japanese television then, cause she’s all over it.  This time, she also teams up with Austine Mahone, who sings her “theme song.”

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Original version (before she got big):

Download: MG
Key: !TfQCo-yx8c1Cl10lXecMOYxY6Lv5dsk2prHLGrAkxQk

Streaming: DM, VKVM (link down)

Original unsubbed raw:

Blouson Orig

Halloween version that was aired on October 25, 2017 on Count Down TV (CDTV):

Download: MG
Key: !YuL36yasrn_gB-9QmAy9c7Q-q19jl1A2evc4e0W_G3c

Streaming: DMVKVM (link down)

Blouson Halloween


Hiyashi Chuka is On the Menu Now by AMEMIYA, Subbed (appeared on Gaki No Tsukai’s New Year’s Eve No Laughing Airport Batsu Game of 2011)

Thank you to Veliem for typesetting!

This is a music video (4 minutes long) we subbed.  There are special karaoke subs for the Japanese lyrics and the English translation of the lyrics attempts to rhyme.  A short but “intense” (in terms of the work per video length) project from us.  Since the translation attempts to rhyme, it’s a much more idiomatic (as opposed to literal) translation.

You might recognize AMEMIYA from appearing in Gaki No Tsukai’s New Year’s Eve No Laughing Airport Batsu Game of 2011.  This is the music video of his original song that got him famous and onto various TV shows.  He also appeared on Gaki in episode 1040 (January 30, 2011) with this song and has had a bunch of appearances on HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP.

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Decryption Key: !rXLMbTm7_mPzgVxSzxY1qpvZgqtGfrhX0GU-IHkGPY8

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