Sasaki Kotoko: Hawk and Fugu

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2019/02/08 18:06

Good evening.

A little while ago,
I went to Ishihara Kaori-san’s
first LIVE: 「Sunny Spot Story」.
Actually, I almost cried 3 times;
when “Sunny You” started, during the MC segment, and during “empathy.”
Also, the video was very good.
And once again I was amazed at the difference between when she speaks and when she performs songs.
It was wonderful!
The Blu-ray and DVD will be on sale on April 17th. Please check it out if you’re interested.
And Kyari-san posted a two-shot of Kyari-san and me on her blog.
Oh, there is also another sort of two-shot here!
Please take a look.

I wonder when the pink dress and sneakers that Zagitova-san (Russian figure skater) wore in the PUMA ad will be released in Japan.
Will it even be released in Japan?
Is it the Spring/Summer collection? So it will be on sale in Spring?
In any case, Zagitova-san is beautiful…

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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