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2017-06-24 00:36

It’s Nishino.
Good morning (she typed it out in Thai)


I was appointed as a Thailand Tourism Ambassador!
I am very happy ✨
A bridge to connect Japan and Thailand!

This is my first time coming to Thailand for a photoshoot and I immediately fell in love with Thailand.
First of all, I like the cityscape! Somehow, it feels calming.
Also, Thai people were kind.
The food was delicious and the colorfulness of it is wonderful.
It makes me want to take lots of pictures..
I was happy that I could go with Kazumin for the photoshoot ✨ hehe

*Imagine glorious sound effects*

Mr. Elephantttt

Ayutthaya, Phuket, Bangkok.
To people who have been there
and to people who haven’t
I think should definitely consider coming here to discover a new Thailand that awaits.
Next time I want to go to Phuket~
I was given the opportunity to be on the front cover
It has been a few years, so I am happy (^o^)!
It is totally different than the usual mode, we were able to give it a cool feeling and style ✨
Please take a look.
Thank you very much m(__)m
It’s the 23rd of the month, so of those ambitions, Part 1.
This is the first one so I decided on stewed pork cubes, which I am used to making
When I first came to Tokyo, my mom would make it and bring it to me, which I would freeze to preserve it and then eat a little bit of it at a time, but I wanted to learn how to make it myself so I had her teach it to me.
Simmer with stuff like apples and fruits for about 3 hours!
Ginger, too!
Oh, I substituted sugar with honey.

It takes time to make, but I eat it up really quickly.
I wonder if something like this is OK ヽ(´▽`)/
I’ll do my best tomorrow as well~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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