Jikasei: Vote For Tani Marika


To all followers,

Thank you very much for all your support.  Give a vote to Tani | Ma | ri | ka my name is (Jikasei).  As the final date of the General Elections comes closer and closer, how are you all doing?

There is something I would like to ask of you at this moment, and thus I am handwriting this letter instead of doing a tweet.  A partial reason is that it won’t fit in 140 characters, but the main reason is because I felt that handwriting my thoughts would better communicate my serious feelings to your hearts much more.

I am that serious in what I want to ask of you.  I usually just tweet silly things, but this time I am not joking around at all.  I know this is an impossible plea but,

Please everyone,

Give five quadrillion votes to Tani Marika.

If you can’t, just one vote is fine.  What Tani Marika needs right now is that one vote.  If possible, even eight quadrillion votes would be okay.  If you could lend just a little bit of your help…?  Please, thank you very much.

2017.6.10 Jikasei

Translated by: Conjyak
QC: Veliem

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