Fan of Suda Akari arrested over threatening tweets. Translated news article and the arrested fan’s tweets.

Implied Threat to Murder SKE48 Suda Akari. Male Fan Arrested. States that He “Liked Her Too Much.” (Link has died since this post was made.  Original Japanese is pasted after the translation below.)
June 15, 2017. Transmitted at 21:19. Tokai TV.

A 46-year-old male office worker living in West Ward, Nagoya City was arrested for writing implied threats of murder on the Twitter of a member of idol group SKE48.

Arrested was Matsui Hideo (46 years old). The suspicion is that in May of this year, he threatened SKE48 member Suda Akari (25 years old) by writing implied threats of murder such as “Die” on her Twitter.

Suda saw the writings and filed a report with the police. When police investigated, they were able to identify that it was the act of Matsui, the suspect, who had frequently attended Suda’s events.

During interrogation, Matsui said that he, “Liked her too much and did it out of jealousy,” and is thus admitting to the charges.

The police believe that Matsui was unhappy seeing Suda interact only with other people on Twitter, which led to his acts.

Tokai TV

Original Japanese text:

SKE48須田亜香里さん殺害をツイッターで示唆 ファンの男逮捕 「好き過ぎて…」と供述


逮捕されたのは、西区の会社員・松井秀夫容疑者(46)で今年5月、SKE48のメンバー・須田亜香里さん(25)のツイッターに「 死ね」などと殺害を示唆する書き込みをして脅迫した疑いが持たれています。




Below are Matsui Hideo’s tweets with translations:





Translated by: Conjyak
QC, Edited by: Veliem

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