Jikasei: Tani Marika is not a Senbatsu Member for SKE48 21st Single

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To all followers:

Thank you for support as always. This is Jikasei.

The Senbatsu Members for the 21st single of SKE48 has been announced. The Senbatsu Members are the 16-20 or so members selected to represent the more than 70 people of SKE.

These few years, Tani Marika had been chosen as a Senbatsu Member continuously. However, Tani Marika’s name was not among the list of Senbatsu Members for the single this time.

While I’m sure it stings her more than us fans, Tani Marika is the type of person to not show tears or a sad face in front of us fans.

What has been decided can’t be changed and all there is to do is to accept that Tani won’t be in this single and she won’t be able to post on the Ameblo, which is limited to Senbatsu Members only.

But there is still hope.

If a good rank can be obtained on the “AKB48 Senbatsu General Elections” that will be held on June 17th, hope in Tani’s heart may recover and she may be able to return to the Senbatsu Members in the next SKE single.

Just one vote would be fine.

No, rather, that one vote is what’s needed.

I will cover the costs of your vote. Just reply or DM me and I will explain the voting method in detail. Please lend just a little bit of your help.

What Tani Marika needs now is the support and votes of many people and if possible 5 quadrillion yen or land with a value of 5 quadrillion yen.

I know I am being annoying!!! You are free to block, remove, mute me!!! Please!!!!!! Amen!!!


Translated by Conjyak and Veliem

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