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tmp-6076df5l8jqnrtgtTo all followers

Thank you very much for your support. This is Jikasei. Sorry to my followers for flooding the TL with tweets about the General Elections every day. However, no matter how many followers I lose or how many of my acquaintances block me, my thoughts for Tani to rank up are just that strong. Every year during this time I end up involving many different people into this so while I’m pushing my luck, I would like to ask for your support this year, too.

Just 1 vote would be fine. I, Jikasei, will pay for all costs for your voting, so if there are any kind souls who will say, “I’ll support you,” please reply or DM me. Also, if there are any oil sheiks who can send me 5 quadrillion yen for free, please feel free to contact me.

Sorry for bothering everyone. Thank you very much.


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