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2017-06-03 20:24

Happy birthday
I turned 23 on May 25th!

Flowers I received from Haruyama-san ✨
On the 25th~27th I live streamed on SHOWROOM twice and did a radio broadcast and
I participated in a promotional campaign in Sendai for 2 days,
busy, busy!
While travelling from one location to another, I refilled my energy by eating delicious food…
It was a fulfilling day.
It has been a while since I did any regional promotion,
but this tight, jam-packed, busy feeling is also fun.

I’m wearing a Nana T-shirt that Shitara-san gave me…
on All Night Nippon with Yuuri!

Two big plans.

①Ambitions of a 23-year-old:
A question that is often asked on birthdays. Because I have no ambitions, I had the listener-sans think of something for me.
It was decided that
on the 23rd of every month, I will cook up some elaborate dishes and post it on my blog.
It feels like this ambition will really increase my feminine power!
I want to do my best (=^▽^)σ

②White Rice Grand Prix:
Where listener-sans gave me ideas for side dishes that go well with white rice.
The splendid grand prix winning combination is:
butter + soy sauce + seaweed tsukudani.
At age 23, this was the first time I really tried this dish. It was verrrryyyyyyyy delicious!
It tasted like nothing I have ever experienced before!

Thank you for sending me so many responses!
It was very enjoyable. ✨

22 was a wonderful age for me.
I want to make 23 as good if not better!

“SmaSTATION!!” will be broadcasted live
on TV Asahi affiliates on 6/3 (Sat) at 23:05 ~ 23:59

“Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokusoubu” 2 hour SP will air
on Nippon TV affiliates on 6/19 (Mon) at 19:00 ~ 21:00

Please watch!


Aren’t you excited for the Summer Tour~
I often get bruises during live performances because I bump into things I guess,
but I don’t realize it until after it’s over. Adrenaline!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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