Igai ni Mango! Tani Marika

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2017-06-05 21:12:08

It’s Tani Marika.
It was announced today!!
SKE48’s long-awaited!!!!!!
next single!!!!!!!
was announced!!!
I’m happy!!!!
Although they announced the single through a video,
when my name was shown,
I could hear the loud cheers from the fans.
It made me very happy.
Thank you♡♡♡♡♡♡
The MV was shot overseas!!!!!
We shot it in Taiwan!!!!!!

Taiwan was very beautiful at night!!!
It would’ve been great if we could’ve!
enjoyed the scenery together with the fans.
First time overseas!!!!!!
The set was also very cute!
On the day that we shot the MV, I was in perfect condition,
so the other members and staff kept saying
“Today’s Marika is cutee!!!”
so I really want everyone to see it soon!!!!
I’m excited for the music shows on TV!
I’m so pumped up!!!!!!
It would be nice if I get on screen a lot♡tt♡♡

Also my name was included this time as well
in the official title.
I really appreciate it.
It’s all thanks to the fans who’ve supported me?

Thank youu.
Just to be able to see my name among these members makes me hap…y?
Tani’s name isn’t there!
Did they forget to write it in!?!????
Eh?? No way!
That’s strangee,
Where’s Tani’s name?
You forgot to write Tani’s name in!!!!
have fallen out of the senbatsu.
[The End]
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Translated by Veliem
Edited by Conjyak

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