Sasaki Kotoko: Black Tights

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2018/03/04 22:00

Good evening.

In the monthly magazine Newtype that is going on sale starting on March 10th,
I had a chat with my beloved Ishihara Kaori-san!
It was a chat but there was also a small photoshoot. Thanks to the cameraman-san, we got photos in various poses. I was nervous, but it was very fun.
Check it out!
I don’t know how exactly the chat will be included in the magazine yet,
but we talked about a lot of things, so I think it should still be satisfying content.
Read it!

I was able to meet Kyari-san (Ishihara Kaori nickname) up close, live!
She was very slim that I was surprised!
But her singing voice and performance was on point, once again I was reminded how amazing she is.
Above all else, she is beautiful and cute!

Ishihara Kaori-san, Newtype-san thank you very much!
I’m so happy!!
It goes on sale on March 10th, please check it out!

Ishihara Kaori-san’s debut single,
「Blooming Flower」 will be on sale on March 21st
It is a very beautiful song!
The short version of the MV is on YouTube.
You can also listen to the coupling song 「Untitled Puzzle」
Please check it out!


There is no one around me who watches Gundam whom I can talk about with.
There is only some staff-san whom I meet occasional whom I can talk about with, so I often talk with that staff-san about Gundam.
They said they saw First Gundam in real time!
So, since I like 00 (00 Gundam) the most, I recommend it to them and they started watching it, said that they finished watching the second season a little while ago!
When I asked them what their favorite scene was, they said it was 「the scene where the bad Haro appear was interesting」.
I think it’s the scene where Trinity comes and says “Big brother” to the purple Haro?
00’s Haro is really cute!
I also like SEED, but there isn’t anyone around me who has seen all of it whom I can talk about with, so I think I will recommend it!


Nogizaka46 no Gaku Tabi! is out
Airs today at 23:00 ~ 24:00 on NHK BS Premium.
Watch it!


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Sasaki Kotoko: Sayuringo Army Corp 2nd Anniversary Celebration

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2018/02/19 18:00


I went to Hong Kong with Karin-chan!
Karin-chan knows Hong Kong well and she took care of everything from trains to hotels so I was able to really enjoy myself without any worries!
It was really fun!

There are some pictures on Karin-chan’s blog!
Please check it out! (

A hinabeya-san (Chinese hot pot restaurant) employee gave them to me!
It’s my first time eating hinabe!
It was delicious!


I also was able to go to my main goal of this trip, Natura Siberica!
I bought hand cream and body cream!
I want to go the Natura Siberica in Russia someday!

Today is peaceful, too!

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Sasaki Kotoko: Various

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2018/02/02 19:30

Good evening.
The chef of White Base of the first Gundam, Tamura-san, I think his name is.
I found out about it for the first time at Tokyo Station.
There’s no salt!

A few days ago, I welcomed a figure of Ramba Ral to my home!
It was a bit expensive for me, so I was a bit hesitant in buying it.
However, I felt that if it meant I could live alongside Ramba Ral, I figured it was a good deal
and ended up buying it!
I think it was a great purchase!

He is standing on top of the printer in my room, which is the most conspicuous thing in my room. You can really feel his presence.
I wanted to also have a figure of Kai and put it beside there and looked for one but couldn’t find one…


I saw a 「7」 in minesweeper for the first time ever, so I instinctively took a screenshot of it.
Basically all bombs!
That’s rough!

It was quite a struggle…
Well then, bye.

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Sasaki Kotoko: Ham)

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2018/01/07 19:30

Happy New Year.
Thank you and I hope for your continued support this year as well.

I hope 2018 will be a wonderful year!

A picture from when I had my hair and makeup done like Shiki-nyan.

Karin-chan took the pictures for me.


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Sasaki Kotoko: Hii

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2017/12/25 13:54

Merry Christma-chun!
At Kagawa Hall, I copied the hairstyle of Ichinose Shiki-chan
from iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.
It’s cute, so everyone look it up!
Junna took this picture for me~
It’s sushi? of meat?
Because I don’t like it, I didn’t eat it and just took a commemorative picture.

I ordered oolong tea without ice and got a fancy glass, so I took a commemorative picture of it. (Karin-chan took it for me)

Same pose.

The group pictures and stickers are on other members’ blog, so please check it out!
My favorite VA, Ishihara Kaori-san – her solo debut has been decided!
I can’t wait till March 21st!
She will also have a new radio show in January!
I’m really really looking forward to it!
The joys of my life has increased!

・Yokohama Walker
I was invited to join in Karin-chan’s series.
I made a stewed Salisbury Steak.
It was delicious.

Sayuringo Army Corps was published in it.
It was to commemorate Matsumura-san’s Photobook release.
It was fun.

Sasaki Kotoko: Three bowls of rice!

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2017/11/21 16:06

Today, starting at 17:00, I’ll be doing a showroom with Karin-chan.
Because it will start early on a weekday, there may be some people who can’t watch it, but for those who can, please do watch it!


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

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Sasaki Kotoko: Rock

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2017-10-21 15:48

Good evening.

Thank you for the Under Live Kyushu Series!
Lots of things happened and it was fun.
I like this outfit.

Together with Kawago-san and Ayane-chan, we performed Muhyoujou during the Unit Corner.

Picture after the live.
Merchandise T-shirt

Other members posted pictures from dinners and group photos with stickers
so please check them out on their blogs!

Also, hope to see you in the Kinki and Shikoku Series!

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Sasaki Kotoko: Woof

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2017-10-12 13:30

Long time no see.
A little while ago on NogiTen 2,
we held a “Sasaki Kotoko’s Home Party.”
Kawago-san, Karin-chan, Iori, and Ayane-chan brought sweets.
While we ate,
I talked about Russia.
I got Peach Tart from Karin-chan!
And it was made really well and delicious
From Iori, I got Iori’s mom’s homemade Peanut Butter Muffins and
store-bought chocolate!
Iori’s mom’s homemade (muffins) were delicious as expected
Ayane-chan brought me cookies!
It’s actually from a place where I’ve had them before, but I like them so I was happy
Kawago-san brought pudding made from wasanbon (fine-grained sugar)!
Also, she gave me homemade muffins and cookies
with a message card attached.
I ate it at home, but it was delicious.

I wanted them to become interested in Russia.
For each member,
For Karin-chan, FIFA World Cup (I heard that she was on the soccer team some time ago, and the World Cup will be held in Russia next year)
For Kawago-san, cheese (because Russia’s dairy products are delicious)
For Ayane-chan, Alexander-Nevsky Abbey (where poets’ and
composers’ graves are)
For Iori, perfume (by a company called A New Morning)
were my recommendations.
Besides that, I explained a schedule I made for
my “If I could go to St. Petersburg…” fantasy,
and also held a quiz about Russia…
For all the details, it’s available in the NogiTen 2 archives so
please check it out!

I met with the staff a few times to plan out the episode,
but I just talked about Russia and the staff summarized that
nicely into the flipboards and made a quiz for us,
and I just got to talk about something that I like
so the planning was really fun.
Also, I was asked “How did you get this knowledge and information?”
I said that one of the ways I got the information was using “How to Walk the Earth” (a tourism guidebook),
and the staff bought me a copy of “How to Walk the Earth” for Russia on the day of the live shooting.
I also said this on Mobame, but the 3rd season of SAO has been announced.
I’m looking forward to it~

So Magi (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) had its finale on Sunday.
I’ve been only reading the manga so I’m not up to there…
I hope the anime will continue…

I look forward to the anime next year!!

・Monthly New Type is on sale
This time, Nogizaka46’s award is Eromanga Sensei!
I wanted to go to Machiasobi~

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Sasaki Kotoko: Peach

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2017-09-16 16:12

We will have a party today on Nogiten2 at 19:00!
Please watch!


・ New Type is now on sale.
Anime Critic, Fujitsu Ryota-san taught us how to watch anime!
With Matsumura-san!
I learned a lot!
Pleace check it out!

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Sasaki Kotoko: ツ

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2017-08-19 17:06

Good Afternoon
This is sudden, but I’m going to write about songs that I’ve been listening to a lot recently.
This is really sudden, but…

Girlish Age (Ougra Yui-san)
Senpai。 (HoneyWorks meets TrySail-san)
Himitsu no Toilette (Ichinose Shiki, CV: Aihara Kotmi)
Manatsu Happening (Yui Kaori-san)
irodori (Amamiya Sora-san)

I put these 7 songs into a playlist and am always listening to them on repeat.
I also want to put Mr. Children-san’s songs into this playlist,
but it is on another device, so I can’t.
I want to put Mr. Children-san’s song onto the same device (as the songs in the playlist),
but there are a lot of songs, and I have choreography videos saved, so don’t have much space left, so I’m just gonna deal with it.
I’ll enjoy them separately.
I’m curious about the rubber band on the desk in the room.
BRODY will be released on August 23rd.
I did a photoshoot and an interview.
2nd Gen!
Пока! (“Paka!” in Russian.)

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