Matsumura Sayuri: A Little Bit of Snow is the Bestt (o・・o)

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2019/02/09 19:48

It’s Matsumuraa Sayuri.

Platinum FLASH vol.8

Did you guys see it??

A wonderful gravure called
Macchun LOVE is in it.

The cameraman is Kuwajima-san
and the stylist is Okutomi Masatō-san.
That’s the photography team, with
my favorite makeup artist Sōbu-san.

It was a team effort photo session
that created a Macchun LOVE style of world building ★

This fried chicken,
The staff specially bought it from a well-known place for me.
That was Macchun LOVEE (´ω`)
I want to eat it again…
Where was it from again?…


These clothes are so, so cute
As expected, they really know what Machu loves! ♡


There are tons,
so please check them out… !
Oh, our 4th gen-chan is on the cover ♡

Also, Waraa-san’s new video
is out ♡

Matsumuraa went on a trip!!

A video perfect for killing time during the three-day weekend ♡

Lately, I’ve been having a great time watching Zambi ♡
I’m enjoying being scared and watching it just like a regular viewer ♡
Manatsu-san is really great in many ways.
When Manatsu and Asuka
were playing basketball and went “Yaay☆,”
what was the play that happened!?
Manatsu-san went for it in her hairstyle during the school matriculation ceremony ♡
Yoda-chan’s sharp mind is amazing…

It just really makes me want to talk about it with someone!!!
I’m looking forward to next week’s (episode) as well ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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