Matsumura Sayuri: Asahinagu Releassse(o・・o)

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2017-09-22 09:00

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
Finally, starting from today, September 22nd
The movie 「Asahinagu」 will be released nationwide!
I’m playing Konno Sakura-chan!
A story about youth and naginata.

The shooting was very fun
I can say with confidence that this is a good movie
I wish lots of people will watch it!
We’ll be visiting various movie theaters starting from tomorrow
for stage greetings!
I will be visiting Kyushu
with Maiyan and Tomita who plays Fumino!
Those who can come, we’ll be waiting for you!
We’re enemies!
But actually…
good friends~~♡
That’s what the movie is about. <- Not true
I'm gonna pinch
Fumino and Maharu, too ♡♡ by Sakura

We got to do an Asahinagu feature on
the CanCam November Edition, too!
Asahi-chan (Nishino Nanase-chan) and
Nene-chan (Ikuta Erika-chan) are so cute!
Of course, Sakura-chan is there, too ♡
Don’t miss it!

『Nene-chan, how many pieces of friend chicken did you eat?』

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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