Nishino Nanase: With My Glasses

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2017-09-24 07:00

On 9/22 Asahinagu
was released nationwide!


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While playing Asahi, who puts her entire adolescence on naginata
and gives it her all, it made me think on how strong she is… and it gave me strength, too.
I hope students who are currently in extracurriculars will watch, and also think students who aren’t in extracurriculars will enjoy it, too..

I hope that the coolness and charm of naginata will be conveyed to many people!

We are doing stage greetings casually~.
Once we forgot to wear tabi (traditional socks) and so we all just went barefoot.

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Please give it a chance and check it out!
Aspiration Part 4.
For those who watched Mezamashi TV, you’ll know this, 麻婆茄子*!

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This month, I’ve been busy with movie promotions, recording the new single, and
other stuff that I can’t say and didn’t think I had any time! but on a
location shoot for Mezamashi TV, in the flow of conquering my dislike of eggplants I was able to make this.
The eggplant was delicious!
I’ve been talking about the movie a lot during stage greetings, but I also
want to watch it on the big screen once more.
I’ll go if I can \(^-^)/

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Translator note: 麻婆茄子 (Mabou Eggplant) – is a Mabou Tofu-like dish where the tofu is substituted with eggplant.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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