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2017-08-25 09:30

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
Today is 2017, August 27
I am now 25 years old!!!
Can’t believe that
I’m 25 years old
but it actually happened just like that.
Recently, I have been performing in stage plays on my own
and was the center of a coupling song.
There are many things that I have to be thankful for and
I am living each day to the fullest.
That’s a picture from the stage play!
My character name is Kuriko-chan and I’m in charge
of the bass in a girl band!
There were no other (Nogizaka46) members in the play so I was nervous,
But the stage was filled with the atmosphere of my hometown, Osaka,
so it was lots of fun!
In addition to playing the bass, I had a solo singing part, too.
I was able to experience a lot of things that probably can only be experienced in this stage play~~
and spent everyday digesting it all.
Kuriko-chan is a girl with a Kansai dialect,
but since I’ve been practicing standard Japanese since I joined Nogizaka,
I had a suprisingly hard time with the lines in the Kansai dialect.
And the bass.
I feel like the position of bass in a girl band
fits well with my personality.
I have come to love the sound of the bass.
In 『Clione no Akari』,
an anime currently on the air,
I’m the voice actress for the heroine, Minori-chan.
I am really happy to be involved with an anime that I love,
but I’m worried that I may not have fully brought the character of Minori-chan to life
because of my lack of skill.
I did many, many takes with the staff-san.
Like the original illustrated book,
the anime is a very heartful and wonderful story.
The anime also has an original arc.
I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity and
would like to watch over Minori-chan
with everyone until the end.
Thank you!

A picture from the tour!
We are going to many towns this year, too!
The summer tour has become an annual event,
but no matter how many times we do it,
it still feels fresh and I still get surprised by everyone’s passion!
I am happy that many people came
this year as well!
I will take in the sounds and lights so as not to take the encounters I have had for granted and will give it my all until the end!
Tomorrow is a day to be grateful as well, since
it’s the nationwide handshake event in Nagoya!
Since I joined Nogizaka46,
I was able to meet and talk to many people,
but I’ve recently really felt how
all of this isn’t so ordinary~~
It’s an amazing~~ thing that I’ve met the current members and of course the members who have graduated,
and I keep that thought with me as I spend another normal day with nothing special today with the other members.
Days like this are bliss.
I’m really glad to have met the other members, staff-san, and all of my fans.
I may not be very idol-like, but
I’m thankful to everyone who supports me
and I wish happiness for everyone out there, and
I hope to spend every day with those feelings.
There are lots of thing I want to do in my life. (LOL)
Ah. Manatsu-san.
Why is it that tears come out when
I listen to 『Hito Natsu no Nagasa Yori…』 lately?
Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU (Everyone’s Odaiba Dream World)
was fun, too~~
Going to YUME-TAIRIKU might have been
the one summer-y thing I did.

I’m bad at writing birthday blogs,
so the content is a mess,
so I ask for your understanding…
I’ll end it with a picture
of my beloved Kana-chan.
And so, I hope everyone has a
great birthday of mine.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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