Nishino Nanase: A Dream of a Seal

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2017-08-25 09:30

When I get an injury, I immediately take a photo
I take another photo the next day as well
I want to see how it heals and changes, and it feels kind of precious because you can only see it as it happens!
But now it’s a bruise and won’t completely go away I’m sad (;o;)

Aspiration Part 3.
I felt like eating sweet and sour pork!
However, I’m still scared of frying by myself, so it’s a non-fried mock sweet and sour pork.
Why didn’t I buy green vegetables~
piment~ [green peppers]
(Luncheon mat bought at a Thai exhibit)

The meat was tender, the thickness of the gravy was nice, and it was really delicious…!!!
It made me eat a lot of rice to go with it ✨
Once again, I made a meat dish. (LOL)

I actually don’t like vinegar, so this time was my first time buying it.
It’s good for your health, so I hope to use it more from now on.

A procedure that I like to do is to prick and stab the meat with a fork before it’s cooked. That indescribable feeling…
I’m glad it came out well!
I’ll try to fry it properly some time in the future.
We are in the middle of the tour.
We finished the Nagoya performance two days ago!
The remaining ones are the three performances in Nīgata. It will take place in October, so there is some time until then.
I look forward to it. [in the Nagoya dialect.]
The LINE LIVEs for Asahinagu, that’s the height of noisy, excited prattling.
Only after live concerts!
This is the previous issue, where I did a photoshoot with me holding a naginata. I also did a talk with them on heroines, which is this issue’s theme.
I would never have guessed that I would be in SWITCH magazine. … I am delighted.

And currently on sale
the October issue of non-no, which I’m on the cover of. The theme is pink!
They took cute pictures of me with pink make up and pink clothes. This autumn’s trends, in addition to an adult-like mood, I think may be various shades of pink.
Everyone, please check it out ✨

Also, samuraiELO-san shot me for a solo cover,
and for street JACK, with Maiyan, the two of us!

All of us from the cast of Asahinagu are also appearing in a lot of other fashion magazines, TV magazines, movie books, etc!! I’m grateful.
Check them out~ (^o^)
That’s Maiyan’s finger!

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