Matsumura Sayuri: There are many things that I want to seee (o・・o)

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2018/05/29 12:30

It’s Matsmura Sayuri!


From 18:45 ~ 18:55
on NHK E TV 「Shōnen Ashibe GO!GO! Goma-chan」

From 23:15 ~ 24:15
on TV Asahi 「Sonosaki ~ Shiritai Mitai Wo Daitsuiseki!」

From 26:05 ~ 26:35
on TV Tokyo 「Yoshimotozaka46 Ga Ureru Made No Zenkiroku」

I’ll be appearing~

Each shows a different side of me,

so please check them outt ♡


Yesterday, I went to Enoshima for the first time ★
I saw many fish-san and it was very relaxing~

This photo was my favorite.  It features moray eel-san.




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Nishino Nanase: 2018/5/25

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2018/05/26 10:07

Nishino Nanase is now 24 years old! Yay~
This year went by so fastt.
I’m happy for this birthday. Lots of people said “happy brithday” to me, and that makes me really happy.
Thank you very much!

As always, health is most important above all
and I hope I can do work that’s fulfilling
while keeping one’s time away from work and recharging yourself important.  I hope to spend my days like that.
I’ll keep doing my best! I look forward to what is aheadd~
Please continue to support me, now that I’m 24. ヽ(´▽`)/
A few days before my birthday, Marie-chan and I went on a date.
She had bought me a cake and
even gave me a present…!
I was suprised and was very happy. I was filled with happiness~. ✨

First Photobook
「Watashi No Koto」
I’m super happy that it seems like many people have gotten their hands on it.
I wonder which photoshoot and page did people enjoy? I’m curious..
Hotel Hatoya was lovelyy.

I went to Chō Kukki Land neoneo
wih Marika~
They added more exhibits and goods!

Ambition Part…? (Her monthly food blog) I forgot…
There are 5 more remaining I think~?
I’m going at it at a super slow pace if I say so myself.  It’s been a year already. (LOL)

The top is a Pickled Salmon Bowl
Just need to pickle it from the night before.  So simple.
I make this a lot.
I used mentsuyu, sesame oil, and ground pepper.

The bottom one is Meat Sauce Pasta.
It was my first time making the sauce from scratch. I don’t have a deep pot, so I cut the pasta short and boil it in a frying pan.
It was delicious.

At the national handshake event at Makuhari and the individual handshake event at Nagoya.

I received flowers and made a speech.  A cute Aloha shirt!
There were various illustrations and decorations along the lanes.
I enjoyed seeing them ✨
I’m truly grateful (^人^)☆

There were many people who wore the Doiya-san pin attached to non-no magazine.  I see, that sort of strategy exists, I thought (LOL).

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Sasaki Kotoko: Nuggets

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2018/05/25 17:18

Good evening.

During the Under Live Chūbu Series (the region of Japan between Kantō and Kansai),
I caught a cold and it made things difficult, but many things happened so it was still fun.

I found and bought a Nuggets T-shirt,
and I gave one to Karin-chan as an early birthday present.
It’s the Nuggets pose.
I asked the makeup-san to give me a Nuggets hair style.
There are 6 pieces of Nuggets.

There are group photos and two-shots during the Under Live Chūbu Series
are posted by other members, so please check them out.

There is a picture with Aizawa Risa-san on Sakai-san’s Instagram account.
Check it out.

By the way,
Did you guys watched Zen Gundam Dai Tōhyō?
I was nervous, but it was very fun!
I’m very grateful to the various people around me that helped me out.

Because of this program,
I’m currently watching Mobile Suit Gundam W.
There are other shows that I’m interested in as well, but I plan on watching them at my own pace.
I think in the 00 audio commentary or something, they were debating whether they’re similar or not, so I’m watching Gundam W first.
Since I loved the OP and the ED, I bought the CD and put them in my favorite playlist and listen to it.
By the way, I wonder what they’re saying in the intro, interlude, and outro of JUST COMMUNICATION.

I showed the makeup-san a picture of Kyari-san’s when she performed at Budōkan, and asked them to imitate it for me.

Last night, as I was looking something up on my smart phone while under the bed covers, my right eyelid towards the nose was itchy so I was scratching it and it got swollen and it was getting hard to open my eye.  So I got up and looked in the mirror and only my right eyelid looked like a single eyelid (as opposed to a double eyelid) and it looked funny.

In the morning, it was back to a double eyelid but it feels a bit like there’s extra skin there.

I should’ve gotten a picture.
Anyways, I’ll do my best.

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Matsumura Sayuri: I am forward-looking on rainy days, tooo (o・・o)

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2018/05/23 20:54

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!

Later today at
on TV Tokyo
I’ll appear on “Can we come along to your home?”!!

With Maichun ★

It’s a program I love and watch every week,
so I was very happy (to be able to appear on it) ♡
Also, Yahagi-san
remembers Sayuringoo ♡


Please watch it~

CanCam’s July Edition
On the cover is TWICE-san ♡

↑I’m doing the same look. (LOL)

I appear in the middle section, too~ ♡


I’m hungry~
I wonder what I should eat today~

Maybe white rice~?

Oh! Are you guys listening to Hakumai-sama~?
One Hakumai-sama a day~ \(^o^)/

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Matsumura Sayuri: I’m Thinking About Pigss (o・・o)

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2018/05/21 14:30

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.

I appeared in Girls Award2018 SPRING/SUMMER

as a model and musical artist!

To everyone that came, thank you very much!

got to walk the runway (as a represenative)
for 「R4G」-san!

Thank you for all of the boards and towels ☆
It made me very happy to see so many of them~ ♡

Last time was the world of Code Geass,
this time is the world of STEINS;GATE ☆

In the opening,
there was special Girls Award footage of Kurisu Makise-chan
and I was going “Ahhh!” (//∇//) backstage!

I was also nervous this time around, but
did I manage to convey how great R4G is?

For the R4G stage,
coming from the sakimichi group were
I, Matsumura Sayuri,

Etō Misa-chan,

(Kanji) Keyakizaka46’s Habu Mizuho-chan and

(Hiragana) Keyakizaka46’s Katō Shiho-chan,

the 4 of us appeared. ♡


Everyone looked good with their clothes. It was lovely~ (;ω;)♡

It was really reassuring to be with everyone ~ (;ω;)♡

BTW, the items I was wearing were

items that men can wear as well~

Please check them out at SHEL’TTER WEB STORE(☆

Official Web Site:

The live performance that we had afterwards was also very enjoyable!
Dancing to Synchronicity wearing
pure white outfits

and doing summer songs we haven’t performed in a while
was really enjoyable ♡


I said 「Let’s take a picture~♡」 to Mai-chan
and (she did) this pose…

She’s soo cute!!!

Like a pose by a small kid!!!!

Soo cute!!!

It was so cute,

I asked, 「What’s that pose?」. Then,


she used both hands!!!


Sayuringo is super happy~!!!!!

is what that day was like (^-^)v

I hope we’ll always be close (^ ^)

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Matsumura Sayuri: Apples and Peaches Are Kinda Similarr (o・・o)

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2018/05/10 21:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.

I was a model for the previous series as well, and

the 2nd series for the「R4G」 brand
is 『Steins;Gate Zero』!
For these items,
you can reserve them via SHEL’TTER #46, which is on sale now!

I’ll properly
explain it from here ↓

Fashion brand 「R4G」, with Matsumura Sayuri as seasonal model.
Continuing from  「R4G×Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion」 that was announced before, for the 2nd series, items from the anime 『Steins;Gate Zero』, which has been airing since April, will begin taking reservations via the magazine 「SHEL’TTER #46」, going on sale on May 7, 2018.



Some of the stuff (you can reserve)
are T-shirts and Aloha shirts.


The main focus is casual street fashion items,
so it’s really good to wear for anyone, men or women!

During the photoshoot, even I
wore men’s clothes!!

Like this one


(The clothing) this time is stylish as well!!
It’s awesome. R4G

By the way,

the sales schedule is:
general reservations start on May 10th.

and sales will start on
May 25th!

Please visit the SHEL’TTER WEB STORE(
for reservations and purchases~ ♡

Please also check out the R4G official site

and SNS!

There are lots of behind-the-scenes shots from the photoshoot
and descriptions of the items ~ ☆
It’s fun and interesting~ ☆

Official web site:


Tomorrow is MSta (Music Station)~


Is that supposed to… represent twin tails?



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Matsumura Sayuri: Ikoma Rina-sann (o・・o)

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2018/05/07 20:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
Ikoma-chan, thank you for everything!!!
Yesterday, Ikoma-chan’s activities as Nogizaka46
came to an end.

As Ikoma-chan was saying
yesterday as well,
I still find it hard to believe that she’s actually graduating.
Even today, I don’t feel like I can believe it.
I think in the future,
there will be many moments where
I’ll really feel the sadness
of realizing that she isn’t here anymore.
Since the beginning, Ikoma-chan was the face of Nogizaka46
and always gave it her best.
However, to me, she will always be like my cute, cute little sister.
The little sister was the one who was relied on
and I was always the one to be scolded

but when I hug her in the dressing room,

I always worried that she was shouldering all of this
with a body that was so small and thin.
When Ikoma-chan was the center,
like in Seifuku no Manneqin and Kimi no Na wa kibō,
I was always right behind her, watching her shine,
and I loved it.
As everyone has probably thought already,
I didn’t think
she would graduate so early.
But with her curiosity and talent,
I very much look forward to seeing
what sort of new side of her she will show us all
after she’s journeyed off from Nogizaka46.
If you are ever lonely,
you can count on me ♡
Let’s also talk about “Free!” ♡ (LOL)
Even after you have graduated, let’s share the sad things together and
increase the happy things together, too!
To my favorite Iko-tan

may you always be happy.
While looking for pictures of us together,
I found this ♡

The eternal protagonist of Nogizaka46,
Ikoma-chan ♡


Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Sasaki Kotoko: Announcement

2018/05/05 11:36
Today, I’ll appear on 「Happyō! Zen Gundam Dai Tōhyō」 at 21:00 on NHK BS Premium!
I casted a vote for the program before I found out that I’d be appearing on it,
so I was very suprised when I found out that I would appear on it.
I’m nervous!
But I’m looking forward to it!
I appeared on 「Ramen Walker TV2」!
I’m sorry that I didn’t announce it beforehand…
The ramen was good!
Also, it was the first time in my life that I was complimented for how well I slurp noodles.
Please check out Ramen Walker-san’s Official YouTube page to watch an unaired scene!
*Ōkubo Shigeki no 9 Jiraji (radio)
We did a live recording with studio audience for this.
May 14th at 20:00~
*JP Standard
May 26th at 20:00~
June 13th at 19:55~20:00
All aired on Hiroshima FM!
On May 1st, I went to Hiroshima with Kana-san and Maaya-san for the recording.
By all means, please check it out!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! Episode 5, 180304 (Honjou, Saitama), Subbed

Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! is a series that takes Nogizaka46 members and enrolls them as transfer students in a school for one day. This episode, however, centers around calligraphy. Instead of them spending a day as normal students, they will spend two separate days as calligraphy club members taking classes to practice calligraphy and preparing for an inter-school calligraphy performance competition. Six Nogizaka46 members are divided up into two groups of three. Each group will join the calligraphy club of either Honjou East High School or Honjou First High School and a calligraphy performance competition is held between the two schools.

-Veliem, Conjyak

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