Nishino Nanase: Announcement

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2018/09/20 20:00

It’s Autumnn~
It has been a while!
This is Nishino.

I know this is sudden, but there is something I want tell everyone…

Thank you very much for everyone’s support these 7 years or so.
I, Nishino Nanase, will graduate from Nogizaka46 after my activities in this year.
m(_ _)m

From age 17 to age 24, I have been with Nogizaka,
Met lots of people, experienced many emotions, and it feels like I started with an unfinished self and then was developed here.
I’m not a “finished” self and that’s not my goal either,
But things like
Wait, was I this competitive, or
I didn’t know I could get this excited, or
When was the last time I cried so hard? or
Oh, I regret that so much!
My mind and body were worked until I would get fatigued,
but I was able to discover a self that I didn’t know before.

When I think back starting from the days of the final audition, there are so, so many important
memories that I wouldn’t be able to mention them all.
It was super duper fun!!
I feel now that this has been the most brilliant and stimulating time that I’ve spent in my life.

The members and staff of course, but most of all everyone who has supported Nogizaka46 is the reason that I have been able to spend this kind of time.

Even though I’m weak, I was given confidence by everyone time and time again.
Thank you for all your thoughts from your comments, letters, and during the handshake events.
I’m truly thankful for everyone who oshi someone like me.
I was given the chance to grow. And that is also thanks to everyone’s support.
I think I’ve become just a little stronger. ( ・∇・)

Although I’m a little scared to leave this place that I love (being with Nogizaka),
it is something that I definitely have chosen.
Even after going on my own, I do want to continue in this line of work,
so I feel excited about what kind of things will happen in the future.
I wonder if there is anything that I have left undone…? I’ll think about that.

I’ve actually been discussing with management about my graduation for over a year now,
And today I’m finally announcing it to everyone.
I kept adding, deleting, and fixing this blog many times,
writing bit by bit.

My activities with Nogizaka will be up until the end of this year, but my graduation concert is planned to be held next year…!
It’s a bit of a different pattern, but I ask for your understanding.
Since I love concerts, I want everyone to have a great time… that’s how I would like to end my time with Nogizaka46.
Details like the time and location are still in the works.
It will be a while, but I would be happy if you would please look forward to it!

That’s all.

One more thing,
There have been several natural disasters in different parts of Japan this summer, and my heart aches each time I see it on the news.
Since I am just one person, I felt like there wasn’t anything that I could do to help, but the other day at
the Makuhari Nation-wide Handshake Event, Nogizaka46 asked for donations (to help the natural disasters victims).
Thank you for your cooperation!
I hope that we can be of some help.
I hope everyone can return to their normal lives.

I wish to express my heartfelt sympathy to all of the victims.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak