8 English Words that Come From Japanese (Merriam-Webster)

Tycoon (大君), honcho (班長), kudzu (葛 クズ), skosh (少し), ramen (ラーメン), futon (布団) – which means something different in Japanese (mattress you lay on the floor), Sudoku (数独), rickshaw (力車).



Gaki No Tsukai – 500 Things About Yamasaki Aya

Hosei’s wife, Yamasaki Aya, answers questions about herself.  Undoubtedly the best of the “500/100 Things About (500のコト)” series of Gaki No Tsukai.

Download: Gaki No Tsukai 0874, 2007-10-14, 500 Things About Yamasaki Aya, Subbed
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Watch until the very end of the file for a very minor scene.