Lincoln #303 (2013.05.14) – The New Lecturer with Rola: Let’s All Start Twitter, Subbed

A labor of love, this is a 1080p re-sub of the Lincoln episode where Rola teaches the cast of Lincoln (Downtown (Hamada and Matsumoto), Summers (Mimura and Otake), Ameagari Kesshitai (Miyasako and Hotohara), and Kyaeen (Amano and Udo)) how to use Twitter in a “The New Lecturer” series episode.

Lincoln has a lot of overlapping dialogue and uses a lot of on-screen text.  This re-sub attempts to capture more of that (although still not all of it), so you may notice that it has a lot of subtitled lines popping up to capture the dialogue happening in the background at times.  Also, this version is 1080p.


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lincoln pic

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Streaming: DMBBVK1VK2VK3VM1VM2 (Vidme links down after December 15, 2017)
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