Matsumura Sayuri: Macchunn became a panda (o・・o)

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2017/12/29 18:24

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
I’ll be on the cover of
CanCam February Editionn!
Unpublished shots from the photobook,
a planning book of details of the things that I did day-to-day,
and a calendar comes with itt!
There are lots of pictures and writings featured so it should be a satisfying read!

It’s the perfect book for New Years!

Lots of other members appear as well♡

Sayuringo Army Corps

Reika-chan, Mizuki-chan, Yoda-chan, and Maichun

There really are lots of girlss!
Under Hachikō Square, on the B2F of Shibuya Station, near the Den-en-toshi Line ticket gate,
there is a giant version of me!
It’s a panda!
It’ll be there till Jan 7th!

Please try finding it this New Years~
Look for the panda-macchun~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Sasaki Kotoko: Hii

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2017/12/25 13:54

Merry Christma-chun!
At Kagawa Hall, I copied the hairstyle of Ichinose Shiki-chan
from iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.
It’s cute, so everyone look it up!
Junna took this picture for me~
It’s sushi? of meat?
Because I don’t like it, I didn’t eat it and just took a commemorative picture.

I ordered oolong tea without ice and got a fancy glass, so I took a commemorative picture of it. (Karin-chan took it for me)

Same pose.

The group pictures and stickers are on other members’ blog, so please check it out!
My favorite VA, Ishihara Kaori-san – her solo debut has been decided!
I can’t wait till March 21st!
She will also have a new radio show in January!
I’m really really looking forward to it!
The joys of my life has increased!

・Yokohama Walker
I was invited to join in Karin-chan’s series.
I made a stewed Salisbury Steak.
It was delicious.

Sayuringo Army Corps was published in it.
It was to commemorate Matsumura-san’s Photobook release.
It was fun.

Matsumura Sayuri: Our Maii(o・・o)

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2017/12/11 23:24

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
Tomorrow, on December 12th
finally my first photobook

「Igai tte Iuka, Mae kara Kawaii to Omotteta」
will be on sale~!
If I do say so myself, I think this is a great work.

It is super good!!
It’s not that I’m confident in myself.
But this is really good work.

In the pictures, it’s like I come alive
and you can hear a voice.

“Oh, this girl is talking to me.” Like that.
You can feel that you are across from the Matsumura Sayuri in the photographs. That’s the kind of photobook this is.
Thank you very much~!
Today, the Sayuringo Army Corp members
did a PR on Showroom for my photobook behind my back…
I’m thankful… They are really good kids.
Sorry for always abusing my power. Thank you!
The Army Corp members are very capablee ( T_T)\(^-^ )
Also I’m doing a collaboration campaign with Tokyo Metro-sann!

「Igai tte Iuka, Mae kara Kawaii to Omotteta x
Tokyo Metro Gift Campaign」
Keep an eye out for posters inside Tokyo Metro Stations
When you hold your phone up against it, you’ll receive a bromide (photo)!

Hurry, as it will be displayed for a limited time only, from December 11th ~ December 17th(Sunday) ♡
#Since there are a lot of off-shots from the photobook shooting,
starting from tomorrow, I’ll gradually post themm~ ♡
Today, I have, of my great friends that I met at the FNS Song Festival from the other day♡

pictures of the minionss!
And a group photo!
In this picture, the minions are of course cute
and Yucchan being the only one holding an N is amazing
But above all else!!
Mai-chan is the cutestt!!!!!

She is just really cute.
What a happy face!

And her left hand tightly holding onto the minion!
Her right hand isn’t stretching out for me!!!!!!
Isn’t it the best!!!!!!!!!!
The!!!! besssssttttttt!!!!
It’s so awesome that I was going to enjoy this myself,
but since I’m feeling good, I decided to share it with everyone.
The Collaboration was also awesome.
Mai was sparkling.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Well then, later.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nishino Nanase: Month of Humidifying

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2017/12/05 14:12

Unable to put it all together for a while, I was slow to update.
Are you doing well?~
I’m doing well!!

My schedule is so packed that every day seems to go by so quickly. But this feeling of hecticness in society in December, this feeling of the year end, has always made me feel excited and I love it…!!

When moving between locations, I play video games or listen to music as a breather.
Sometimes I bring my Switch to the location and play Mario Odyssey.
I tell everyone it’s my recommendation.

When I was tired and closed my eyes, before I realized it, my mouth was hanging open.
After I got out of the bath, I slept like a log.

You can count on me-chu!
We successfully completed the 2-day Tokyo Dome Concert!

It was a concert full~~ of emotions and
feelings of gratitude.
We were happy, excited, and a little sad.
Both what people in the audience felt and what the members felt was probaby different from what they were in the past…
As soon as the concert started I thought, “Uh oh, my eyes are watery!!”
There was a moment that I hope I won’t ever forget…
It was an amazing time.
Thank you very much.

This is the last time I get to do a concert with Marika and Himetan.
I am glad that I got to meet them and spend time together with them.
My beloved members.
Although this is the end,
I am glad I got to send them off with a smile! Congratulations!
I am playing the role of Amano Ai-chan in
the drama Video Girl Ai!!
We are filming every day.


I’m always worried about how hard dealing with masculine wordings and acting itself are but there are lots of things to learn
and the atmosphere on location is very good, so I’m having fun.
It will begin broadcasting next January.
Please look forward to it! ^ – ^
Aspiration Part 6
It’s not made from scratch,
but it was delicious, so here is the souvenir from Thailand that I got from Kazumin, grapow!
I don’t know if I will have time to cook anything in December,
but later I’ll properly make something, later… (LOL)
Going forward, I have shooting for the drama and will appear on lots of music programs,
so I’m a little worried about my stamina,
but I’ll do my best~ to show you some great things!!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Lincoln #303 (2013.05.14) – The New Lecturer with Rola: Let’s All Start Twitter, Subbed

A labor of love, this is a 1080p re-sub of the Lincoln episode where Rola teaches the cast of Lincoln (Downtown (Hamada and Matsumoto), Summers (Mimura and Otake), Ameagari Kesshitai (Miyasako and Hotohara), and Kyaeen (Amano and Udo)) how to use Twitter in a “The New Lecturer” series episode.

Lincoln has a lot of overlapping dialogue and uses a lot of on-screen text.  This re-sub attempts to capture more of that (although still not all of it), so you may notice that it has a lot of subtitled lines popping up to capture the dialogue happening in the background at times.  Also, this version is 1080p.


If you’re in a donating mood, our bitcoin address.

lincoln pic

Download: MG
Key: !i57mgXqrBtVL9Sm111U7BQ2PnT0k9QvIufEu7iAMNt0

Streaming: DMBBVK1VK2VK3VM1VM2 (Vidme links down after December 15, 2017)
Excerpt:  YT