Nogizaka46’s Official Website Unintentionally Posts Internal Staff LINE Chat on August 27, 2017. Member Idols Mentioned. English translation provided.

On August 27. 2017, Nogizaka46’s official website unintentionally posted an internal staff LINE chat on this page (they took it down quickly, as one would expect):

We translated the contents of the LINE chat (presented side-by-side with the original Japanese screenshot).  Members are mentioned, but there’s no serious scandalous material (except that Akimoto Manatsu has an “erotic” persona behind the scenes, Sasaki Kotoko is technologically challenged, and Nishino Nanase could be a diva).  It gives a brief look into what’s keeping staff busy these days and how they refer to and discuss the member idols.  The biggest aftermath among Japanese fans is ire at how silly and unprofessional the staff were to have allowed such a leak to happen.  The best guess as to how it happened is that a staff member meant to copy text (a blurb about the Asahinagu movie) and paste it into the official website but instead of copy they hit screenshot and pasted that in.  Voila.

Here is a link (archived) to a Japanese webpage that covered it as it occurred (taking excerpts from 2channel).  Someone posted a screenshot from their mobile of the page when the LINE chat was still posted on the official website.

Translation: Conjyak
Typesetting: Veiem

Nogizaka46 LINE leak imagew.jpg


Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! Episode 1, 170226 (Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture)

Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! is a series that takes four Nogizaka46 members and enrolls them as transfer students in a school for one day.  For that one day, the four Nogizaka46 members will attend classes, have lunch, and attend after school club activities with the regular students at the school.  For the inaugural episode, Eto, Akimoto, Kitano, and Saito Asuka will attend a high school in Nakatsu City in Oita Prefecture (Eto is from Oita Prefrecture).  Eto and Kitano are paired up and will be joining the 2nd year students while Akimoto and Asuka will be joining the 1st year students.  Watch as these four attend high school like normal students!


Download: MG
Decryption Key: !uHsx-a8sS-uYh6t2xrOUUpTOL5QLCnq8B86oV6FAsG4

Streaming: DM, VK, VM (link down)