Nogizaka 46-Hour TV II, Corps Showdown – Location Scouting Battle Part A, merged

This is Parts A-a through A-d merged, i.e. Part A of the Corps Showdown – Location Scouting Battle between the Manatsu-san Respect Corps and Sayuringo Corps that was part of the second Nogizaka 46 Hours TV, aired on 2016-06-11, subbed.

There are 15 subparts planned and this is the first 4 subparts merged together. The 46-Hour TV broadcast divided this series into 5 parts (in between the 5 parts are other unrelated segments), which we labeled parts A through E. We then further subdivided those parts into a total of 15 subparts. This is the first part, Part A, in its entirety.

-Veliem, Conjyak


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