Nogizaka 46-Hour TV I, 2016-02-20, Nama No Aidoru Ga Suki, Subbed

This is the Nama No Aidoru Ga Suki, or Namadoru (生のアイドルが好き、生ドル) episode that was part of the first Nogizaka 46 Hours TV, aired on 2016-02-20, subbed. Matsumura Sayuri and Nakada Kana are the MCs. The guests are Sakurai Reika, Akimoto Manatsu, Hashimoto Nanami, and Sasaki Kotoko.

-Veliem, Conjyak


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  1. Whoahhh is this a miracle??

    I’ve wanted to see the old 46HTV
    Thank youuu!

    The sub is great, totally like it♥

  2. Thank you so much!

    Can I translate your work to my language, of course gonna put the credit

          1. Well…it’s just me, don’t have any teammates, but on some work, someone help me

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