Matsumura Sayuri: As someone born in the Heisei Eraa (o・・o)

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2019/04/30 18:24

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!

I want to do one of those “The Last ◯◯ of the Heisei Era!” things,
so I’m going to write My Last Blog Post of the Heisei Era..

But then, it’s times like these that
I don’t know what to write about

so I’ll just post pictures that
I want to keep from the Heisei Era! (There’s no profound meaning to this.)

Why is the image quality so bad (p_-)


Please watch Yumemi-chan!!!


Both are so cute that I’m going to eat them ♡


A Reiwa Era front cover! (Photo taken in Heisei)


In the end, Nogizaka is the best!!!


There were lots of laughs as well as lots of tears in Heisei.
Nogizaka46 was created in the Heisei Era.
Thank you for creating an exciting future (^^)
Let’s everyone do our best and have fun in the Reiwa Era, too!

Please support Nogizaka46 in the Reiwa Era as well ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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