Matsumura Sayuri: Maybe sadness can also become a strengthh (o・・o)

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2019/03/31 20:54

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!

TGC 2019 took place
on March 30th ^_^

To the people that came,
and to the people that watched it on LINE LIVE
thank you very much!

Seeing all of the signs and towles
made me happy ( T_T)\(^-^ )

The clothes this time
is a 「Fate」 collab by R4G-san ♡
I did a Matō Sakura-chan collab!
My hairstyle is also styled after Sakura-chan ^ ^

The clothes and also the ribbon are super cute ♡

During down time in the show,
I was able to meet a little bit with
some of the girls from Tweam CanCam!
My Home ( ; ; )♡
My turn was close to
Nakajô Ayami-chan’s
but the music was on
and there were a lot of people,
so all I did was gaze at her ♡
I had just watched her graduation episode of Another Sky
so it was very precious …♡LOL


Also, today was the day of the National Handshake Event.

It was Etō Misa-chan’s last day.

During the mini concert,
while we performed Kaerimichi Wa Toomawari Shitaku Naru,
there is a moment where all of the members face another member and

the person that was in front of me was Misa.

Up until this point, I was thinking of Misa
in my head while singing

so seeing the real Misa-chan in front of me
made me very emotional… (T-T)

After the (mini concert) was over backstage, (Misa) came over and hugged me.
Tears filled my eyes.

But during the final speech,
when Misa said 「To walk the path ones believes in」,
I thought she was amazing
and felt very proud of her.
It was an 8 years that went very quickly.
The ’92 group did great.


In order to not make Misa worry (about me),
Mastsumura will do her best ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Thank you for all of your hard work(^^)
I look forward to the stage play!


Also, tonight at 25:50pm,
「Kakegurui season2」 will start airing on MBS(^^)

I’ll play the role of Yumemite Yumemi.
There might be some parts
that are… extreme. (LOL)

Everyone in the West, please watch it(o^^o)

Translated by: Veliem

Edited by: Conjyak

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