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2019/03/01 18:24

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.

The 7th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE in Kyocera Dome Osaka

was completed without any problemss!

Thank you for all of your support ^_^

We performed a grand total of 177 songs.
I would like to talk about each and every song,
but if I were to do that,
it would take an entire book,
so I’ll keep it short…

On the first day, we started off with Guruguru Curtain.
I remember listening to a demo of the song many many times
while riding the train.
We started out with 33 1st generation members and now we are down to 15.
Manatsu joined from the 4th single.
Nanase was to participate only on the last day of the concerts,
so 13 of us (1st gens) performed it.

Before the performance, we shared with each other how nervous we were
and watched over Minami-chan as
she practiced her 「haii」.
It was nice that here was everyone who was Nogizaka46 who hasn’t really changed
since the beginning.
I love how Nogizaka46 has the feel of a
field of flowers
even after 7 years.

We performed tons of songs,
but which song left the biggest impression on you?

I wonder if it was Hidarimune No Yūki.
I finally realized how strong the lyrics are
after 7 years (^^)
It has always been my fight song
during concert season.

Shibuya Blues
Playing guitar with Hazuki-chan.
I was super nervous,
but thanks to my reliable kōhai-chan,
I somehow managed (^^)
Maiyan and Kazumi-chan have such wonderful voices~


And also, every song is important,
so I don’t know which to write about…

I have been a fan of Akimoto Yasushi-san’s lyrics
since I joined Nogizaka46.
In performing all our songs, I came face-to-face with the lyrics anew,
meeting again with my favorite phrases.
Every day was tears of emotion.

Many members were crying backstage
There were tears from thinking about our friends that graduated.
There were tears of self-encouragement for working hard.
Tears of one trying to accept what the future holds for them.
There were various type of tears,
All of them were beautiful.
I am happy that I was able to share these feelings together
as a member (of Nogizaka46).

Nanase’s last concert
was wonderful.
Yasashisa To Wa is one of my favorite songs.
I would be super happy when
it was put on the set list at concerts,
but once Nanase is gone,
the only original members
will be the Karaage Shimai.
Because it’s lonely, maybe we’ll put
a Karaage Shimai call in it. (LOL)

thank you for doing the carrot face.
I take pride in the fact that
I came up as a topic during the last MC talk. (LOL)

Oh yeah! Sayuringo Gundan performed
this time as well!


Before the concert started, the MVs of the parody songs
「House!」 turned into 「Rice!」

「Romance no Start!」 turned into 「Kyocera no Start!」, and

an original song

「Hatarakikata Kaikaku」

were presented! Did you guys see it?

Hatarakikata Kaikaku is a total original,
made with Arai Futoshi-san!
Miyajima Jun-san did the arrangement!!
We asked him to do it this time again(^^)
It’s well done, if I say so myself.
It is a song to root for everyone who works!

Actually, we have a song
that wasn’t presented.
It is also a very good song,
I want to present it as soon as possible.


Even though I am fully feeling the afterglow of the Birthday Live,
there are many more things that I want to do!
It is impossible to grant my every wish,
but I’ll do my best, little by little.
Please keep supporting us!

On March 3rd, I’ll appear in the Kobe Collection!
It will be full of content,
such as a CanCam stage and
a Kakegurui Talk Show!
By all means, please come check it out!!
Because I’ll be alone
I’m feeling worried about it( T_T)\(^-^ )

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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