Nishino Nanase: 2018/5/25

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2018/05/26 10:07

Nishino Nanase is now 24 years old! Yay~
This year went by so fastt.
I’m happy for this birthday. Lots of people said “happy brithday” to me, and that makes me really happy.
Thank you very much!

As always, health is most important above all
and I hope I can do work that’s fulfilling
while keeping one’s time away from work and recharging yourself important.  I hope to spend my days like that.
I’ll keep doing my best! I look forward to what is aheadd~
Please continue to support me, now that I’m 24. ヽ(´▽`)/
A few days before my birthday, Marie-chan and I went on a date.
She had bought me a cake and
even gave me a present…!
I was suprised and was very happy. I was filled with happiness~. ✨

First Photobook
「Watashi No Koto」
I’m super happy that it seems like many people have gotten their hands on it.
I wonder which photoshoot and page did people enjoy? I’m curious..
Hotel Hatoya was lovelyy.

I went to Chō Kukki Land neoneo
wih Marika~
They added more exhibits and goods!

Ambition Part…? (Her monthly food blog) I forgot…
There are 5 more remaining I think~?
I’m going at it at a super slow pace if I say so myself.  It’s been a year already. (LOL)

The top is a Pickled Salmon Bowl
Just need to pickle it from the night before.  So simple.
I make this a lot.
I used mentsuyu, sesame oil, and ground pepper.

The bottom one is Meat Sauce Pasta.
It was my first time making the sauce from scratch. I don’t have a deep pot, so I cut the pasta short and boil it in a frying pan.
It was delicious.

At the national handshake event at Makuhari and the individual handshake event at Nagoya.

I received flowers and made a speech.  A cute Aloha shirt!
There were various illustrations and decorations along the lanes.
I enjoyed seeing them ✨
I’m truly grateful (^人^)☆

There were many people who wore the Doiya-san pin attached to non-no magazine.  I see, that sort of strategy exists, I thought (LOL).

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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