Matsumura Sayuri: Ikoma Rina-sann (o・・o)

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2018/05/07 20:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
Ikoma-chan, thank you for everything!!!
Yesterday, Ikoma-chan’s activities as Nogizaka46
came to an end.

As Ikoma-chan was saying
yesterday as well,
I still find it hard to believe that she’s actually graduating.
Even today, I don’t feel like I can believe it.
I think in the future,
there will be many moments where
I’ll really feel the sadness
of realizing that she isn’t here anymore.
Since the beginning, Ikoma-chan was the face of Nogizaka46
and always gave it her best.
However, to me, she will always be like my cute, cute little sister.
The little sister was the one who was relied on
and I was always the one to be scolded

but when I hug her in the dressing room,

I always worried that she was shouldering all of this
with a body that was so small and thin.
When Ikoma-chan was the center,
like in Seifuku no Manneqin and Kimi no Na wa kibō,
I was always right behind her, watching her shine,
and I loved it.
As everyone has probably thought already,
I didn’t think
she would graduate so early.
But with her curiosity and talent,
I very much look forward to seeing
what sort of new side of her she will show us all
after she’s journeyed off from Nogizaka46.
If you are ever lonely,
you can count on me ♡
Let’s also talk about “Free!” ♡ (LOL)
Even after you have graduated, let’s share the sad things together and
increase the happy things together, too!
To my favorite Iko-tan

may you always be happy.
While looking for pictures of us together,
I found this ♡

The eternal protagonist of Nogizaka46,
Ikoma-chan ♡


Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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