Matsumura Sayuri: Haruyama, Hong Kong and Mee (o・・o)

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2018/02/16 17:54

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
Xīnnián kuàilè!! (Happy New Year!!)

Wànshì rúyì!! (Hope that your wishes will come true!!)

Shēntǐ jiànkāng (Hope that you’ll be healthy all year long!!)
Ikuo is my childhood friend!

Ryado (Ringo misspelled Richard) is everyone’s prince!

My beloved Shiraishi-senpai
She came into the picture
so my face looks nervous

I’m a rose, too ↓, in Hong Kong
This girl is seriously too cute.
I just keep taking pictures of her
and keep taking videos of her in Hong Kong.
At C3AFA Hong Kong 2018,
I tried to learn to speak in Chinese and Cantonese!

I had trouble with the different pronunciation between Chinese and Cantonese,
so right up to the event, I was practicing and listening to the interpreter.
However, I didn’t do that well and was sad about it by myself after the concert.
Then Manatsu, who also tried to speak in Chinese and Cantonese, came over,
and the two of us cheered each other up while crying.
Then all of the other members came over
and said stuff like “It’s all right~” “Thank you for trying your best”
“Zhōngyì (Cantonese for ‘I love you’)” (LOL) and comforted us.
It once again made me realize how kind the members are!!

It’s embarrassing so I’m writing it all vaguely,
but it’s a story about how things were really great behind the scenes ☆
Zàijiàn (Bye) ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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