Nishino Nanase: Pickles

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2018/01/31 22:24

Lovely chameleon!!
The game Human: Fall Flat is fun (It took me a while to get used to the controls)
I also gotta go play MonHan soonn.

The members are increasingly getting more individual work, so we don’t have many opportunities to get together.
That’s why I enjoy the time we casually chat together in the dressing room~
Like when we get excited talking about the snacks that are gifted to us
or the magazine we find there or TV dramas we’re watching
I gotta cherish those moments.
A movie that when I was little I had vague memory of and never knew much about but that I had always wanted to see
I saw that movie, Onmyōji.
Abe no Seimei!! was soo cool!!!
I can’t wait to see part Ⅱ o(^o^)o

Ambitions 7 and 8

Kimchi Nabe (Hotpot)
I made the soup myself.
I put in a lot of doubanjiang.

The stuffing is kansai-style.
I am completely satisfied with the results~

Speaking of yellow, Ai-chan!
Video Girl Ai
Three episodes have already been broadcasted.
Please watch and enjoy how the story progresses!


I dreamt that I was a bear and was hunted by people, I woke up feeling really tired.
I ran away for a pretty long time, and
even through it was a in a dream, I was running away with my own will…
But I didn’t make it in the end~ it felt real~
It was scaryy.
I’ve had dreams like that for two days straight, so I want to dream about fun things now instead!
Neko Neko Nihonshi (an anime)
Cute and soothing.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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