Matsumura Sayuri: One of those makeovers (o・・o)

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2018/01/22 22:12

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
CanCam’s March Edition
is going on salee!
The cover girls are 2 members from E-girlss!

It’s the twin towers: Kaede-chn and Satō Harumi-sann
Their costume, their make-up, their whole atmosphere
is super cutee.

The middle pages is a special collection of the twin towers
with a lot of twin outfits
It’s so cutee!

You’ll be very Happy when you see itt.
This edition comes with a Barbapapa x CanCam spa bag.
Do read the CanCam March Edition~
And one more announcementt
As I announced
yesterday at
I cut my hairr!!!!
I shortened my hair by about 20cm to 30cm!
It’s about shoulder length noww.
To welcome in 2018, I wanted to renew my drive
to do my best so I just cut it off ♡
It resets my mood!
Please support the new mee!
I’ve always had long hair,
so this is the first time that my hair is this short.
It makes me feel really excited.
For people who say they liked Macchun’s twin tails,
please don’t worry, I can still wear twin tails (`・ω・´)
Images of the haircut
and the reason why I decided to cut my hair
are stated in an interview that
will be published in CanCam’s April Editionn.
I’ll announce it again when the date comes nearerr ♡

The CanCam March Edition has the last of Macchun with long hair
So please check it outt ♡
Is everyone doing okay with the snow?
I saw a few families making snowmen in my neighborhood
and it warmed my heart ♡
I think I’ll secretly have those snowmen
shown to us  ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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