Matsumura Sayuri: I’ll stop eating soon (o・・o) Just kidding

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2017/11/25 19:36

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
We appeared in
C3 AFA Singapore 2017~~!
Besides the Nogizaka46 Live,
we participated in a talk show
and other various eventss!

Everyone’s response was really affectionate
during the live performance and the talk show so
I didn’t really feel any first-time jitters
and it was really enjoyable the whole timee!
We were very surprised
and happy that
everyone really knew the calls and
danced along with us to Kimi no Na ha Kibou.
and genuinely knows about Nogizaka46!
I was truly moved that
our songs even reach
countries across the seas、、、♡
Thank youu!
I visited
the exhibition booths,
and I got so excited and at the anime booths the whole time and got lots of pictures taken of me ♡

I’ll show a bit of my memories ♡

Gufufufufu ♡
There were many people cosplaying, too,
and the quality was imprssive!
Anime is amazing even overseass!
On the plane ride there, I watched Made in Abyss and
On the return trip, I watched The Ancient Magus’ Bride!
Planes are nice!
I get to calmly watch anime, it was the best time!
It was a fun tripp!
And, CanCam January edition is on sale!
The extra edition is the popular magic selfie light!
This time, it’s a neko-chan typee!

The cover is also neko-chan themed
with Kaeda-chan and Ayami-chann ♡
By the way, the other day,
I went to eat with CanCam Models
Miyamoto Mayu-chan and Nakajō Ayami-chann!
We had lots of fun~~♡
I’d love to meet with
other CanCam models as well~~ ^ ^♡
Later, bye.
First photo
「Igai tte Iuka, Mae kara Kawaii to Omotteta」

On sale on December 12th

【Regular Edition】
【7net Limited Edition】
【Rakuten Limited Edition]

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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