Matsumura Sayuri: Starting with Tomorroww’s (o・・o)

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2017-10-20 20:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
There are too many things
that I want to write about that
I don’t know where to begin.

Anyways, I’ll start with tomorrow’s!
Tomorow, I’ll make an apperance at TGC KITAKYUSHU2017.
And it seems that Nogizaka46 will also have a special stage
And accompanying the TGC KITAKYUSHU2017,

from 14:40
on NicoNico live stream,
「Nogizaka46 Backstage Live Stream from TGC KITAKYUSHU2017 SP」

Also, I will MC with
Eto Misa-chann

We hope to do various things such as
backstage report and
interview with model-sann!
Of course, we will have Nogizaka46 members appear as well~~
At the CanCam photoshoot…
I’m faintly smiling for some reason….
I am looking forward to seeing
you in Kitakyushuu!
I love going to Kyushu, so I’m happyy ♡
Thank you!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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