Nishino Nanase: Re-inflating

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2017-07-24 10:12

Good morning.

I’m more shocked when I’m bitten by a mosquito inside my house than when I’m bitten outside.

They are already making “ming ming” sounds.
The cicadas in Osaka sound like “shay shay.” I miss that.
5 times a summer, I get pranked by a sudden cicada corpse. I just get pranked without doing anything…
And it’s that season…

But when I was shooting Bemars and cicadas flew onto my back, I just went “Oh,” and didn’t really care.
Now, no way I could do that (*_*)!!
It’s already the 24th again.
This time, it’s not my own elaborate cooking. It’s a meal from a harako meshi (salmon, salmon roe, and rice) party by スイカ (“Watermelon,” a group of friends within Nogizaka46 consisting of Nishino Nanase, Saito Yuuri, Kawago Hina, Ito Karin, and Ito Junna). This ambition of mine, the second time and it’s already a spin-off. (lol)
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Wow~~ Delicious!
I didn’t eat at all in preparation for this meal, so I wolfed it all down.
I wonder what it’ll be next time~

When I have time, I cook something, but it’s nothing worth posting.
I like garlic spouts!
When I make something with it, it’s usually pretty tasty ✨
it’s been a while since the Jingu Live,
but thank you very much to everyone who came!

With this live, I really realized that I am a sempai.
A sense of watching over others? Has grown in me.
It’s thanks to my kōhai.
It makes me think: I gotta do this properly! I have to be an onēsan!

During those 2 days, I strongly felt how much I really like the 1st generation girls.
When I look at their faces, I remember the past and it gets to me.
It really makes me think: I’m glad I joined Nogizaka. I’m glad I met these people!

From now, the tour starts
Let’s have fun and do our best!
↑ My favorite scene of Kazu’s.
When I think, “Just what kind of situation is this?” it makes me laugh, so I held my laughs in while letting the cherry blossoms bloom.
I’m happy that Director Yamagishi filmed us!
I want to know more about this mysterious Itami House…
I want him to write a novel about it. lol

The choreography, which is Japanese festival-like, is cute ✨
Momo-chan was often so nervous before performances that she went bonkers. lol
But she executes when the cameras roll.
Yoda-chan would speak quietly. Just watching it was soothing!

Please listen to the song many times m(_ _)m

A wild lizard during the filming.
unnamed (1)
It wouldn’t run away at all. Sad to part ways with it.
It’s tough with the heat everyday, but
gotta get through it this year, too!

I’ve recently been reading Yu Yu Hakusho. I remember watching the anime in the past as it aired on TV…
Kurama is really cool~~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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