Lots of Laughs. Tani Marika

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2017-05-27 22:40:17

Just like it is written in the title!
I laughed a lot today ^^
This is SKE48 Team E, Tani Marika.
tani blog1.jpg
The time spent talking, taking pictures,
and smiling with the fans that
came to Tani’s lane!!!!
For Tani, this was a very happy time indeed.
I was allowed to be the MC for the mini Live!
Seeing the fan’s smiles from the stage!
That made me happy as someone on the speaking side ( ^ω^ )!
I’m making sure to see the people that are to the side and in the back as well.
Also~ ( ^ω^ ) content smile
Fan’s responses to me being the MC!!!!
I’ve gotten more compliments,
and that made me happy, too.

Growing everyday!!!!!!!!

With the members and fans!
The time Tani spends with everyone is the most enjoyable.

I wonder if Tani’s feelings are reaching the fans?

The time in which Tani gets to see the fan’s smiles,
is very precious to Tani!!

I want to cherish this time.
Once again, thank you very much!!
Mayaan (Sugawara Maya) did my hair today!
tani blog2

Thank you for giving me a cute hairdo!
Maya Maya Mayaaan (^ν^)!!!!
It is really amazing~!! I’m grateful ^^!!

I was also able to meet Annya,
who finished her graduation concert yesterday!!!!!
tani blog3

I hugged her a lot.
She looked very beautiful in her dress.
She also smelled very nice.
She is a magnificent woman (/ _ ; ) Cries
Annya-san’s dance,
and her ditzy? talk, Tani loves it.

Sad (/ _ ; ) Cries
I’ll hug her tomorrow more–! LOL
nnn (/ _ ; ) Annyaaaaaaa (/ _ ; ) Cries

Oh~ Oh~!!!
Today, the Heiwa-gumi wore matching outfits!
tani blog4

What an awesome picture!!! I love it!
Because we got to wear matching outfits like this,
Tani was very happy~ ( ^ω^ ) Teehehe
Thank you for all the support you guys give me!
I am very gatefuuuullll!!!

I’m gonna wear these clothes a lot!! (LOL)
Thank you very much for reading.
I will enjoy tomorrow, too ( ^ω^ )!!!!
I will be waiting for you at Gaishi Hall~!

I will prepare for and review my lessons then do a brain workout then play games then sleep.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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