Nishino Nanase: Silhouettes of Fish

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2017-04-14 22:36

Lately, I tend to get cramps in
places I’ve never gotten before,
places that make you go, “You can get cramps here?”
Like my shoulder joint and my hip.
Yesterday was my neck. It hurttt
It didn’t hurt as much as the “Special Surprise Attack when Waking Up in the Morning in My Calves” but it’s making me go ughh. (-_-)


Long~ corridor
My favorite!
I want to run there with my bare feet.

It is nice & fun to go to various places for a photoshoot!
The ryokan’s large public bath is my reward!
I like to look at the scenery from the car. The view outside is different than that of Tokyo’s with nature and openness.
I think it makes me feel relaxed ✨
In my dreams, I often see my school or the route to my school in my hometown, but it is somewhat different from how it actually is.
But my memory is vague and I can’t actually check it.
Was it like this? Oh well, but it’s nostalgic, I say to myself in the dream.
Hazy hazy.
One day, I will go on a verification tour!
I want to read Houseki no Kuni.
I had some free time between photoshoots and
went to the bookstore to buy Monthly Afternoon~
The clerk didn’t place the book in a plastic bag and instead he placed it in a beige paper bag. I feel relieved.
One of those that make a rustling sound!

I started reading this manga last year.
The uniforms of the jewels are super cute, their style is super cute,
the setting isn’t explained much, I’m so into its worldbuilding.
I ended it up liking it really fast!
I love Antarcticite-san.
I look forward to it (^o^)!

I want to be close to manga for the rest of my life (^o^)
Kii-chan’s foot

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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