Sasaki Kotoko: Vegetables

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2017-05-12 20:45

Lately, I really think that my body has changed.
I feel like it suddenly changed when I turned 18.
Before I turned 18, when I ate a lot and my belly would be abnormally bulging out, by the next morning,
my stomach would be flat again. Lately, my stomach does not shrink like that any more.
I have to reconsider my eating habits~
First of all, I think I will try to eat more vegetables.
As much as possible.
sasaki kotoko 0512.jpeg
Kana-san took me to dinner.
She treated me to cheesecake (a snack?) and dinner!
And Ayane-chan gave me this dress.
I like green~
Nogizaka46 SHOW
「Fuusen Wa Ikiteiru (The Balloon is Alive)」 starts with a close up shot of me so there may be people out there surprised by that.
I had fun during the recording!
It was also the 2nd stage performance of the Under Live’s Report so I must have been on screen a lot!
I am happy.


Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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