Entertainer Rating Check 2017 New Year’s Special 2017-01-01, Subbed (151 minutes)

Entertainer Rating Check (芸能人格付けチェック) is a show MCed by Hamada Masatoshi (Downtown) where famous “first rate” entertainers and celebrities from Japanese show business are tested or “checked” on their knowledge of what one might expect of high society and big spender types to know. Because surely, A-list celebrities have refined A-list tastes in dining, wining, and art, right? The show will treat first rate celebrities like first rate celebrities, but if they are revealed to be second rate or worse, the show treats them accordingly, with Hamada enjoying every bit of the sadistic schadenfreude. Notable guests in this episode that aired on January 1, 2017, are Nogizaka46 (Shiraishi Mai, Akimoto Manatsu, Takayama Kazumi, Matsumura Sayuri), Degawa Tetsuro (comedian), Maeda Kenta (Major League pitcher), Gackt (musician), Horie Takafumi (entrepreneur), Nakayama Miho (actress), Wada Akiko (musician), Takahashi Hideki (actor), and Mita Yoshiko (actress).

This video is 2 hours and 31 minutes long! It consists of the main part of the show. (There is a preliminary round episode where comedians compete to be able to appear on the main part of the show. The competitions in the preliminary round consists of more typical physical comedy games and have a different atmosphere from the main part. We aren’t subbing the preliminary rounds.) There are usually two to three Entertainer Rating Check episodes a year, with their annual New Year’s Special being their biggest episodes.

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Streaming: BB


Subbed by Conjyak and Veliem

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  1. This show is hilarious! Thanks so much for subbing this. They sure know how to do variety shows in Japan.

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