Matsumura Sayuri: Right now, I’m calmmm (o・・o)

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
The release of my first photo book
is official!

The title has not been decided yet,

It will be released on December 12th
by shogakukan-san.
The location is my beloved Hawaii ♡
It’s packed with the me of right now.
I just finished shooting
so I’m still feeling the aftereffects of jet lag,
but if I try to think back to when we were shooting,
I didn’t try to make myself look pretty
or cover up imperfections.
It was just me there.

How do I put it…

It felt like having my soul photographed.
My feelings, my life
I think if we shot this at the same place
with the same team one or two years later,
the me right now wouldn’t be there.

It’s like these photographs recorded the me of now.
I think both the me that many of you
already know well
and the me that is still not known are there.
I really didn’t think about having them shoot me a certain way
or think of whether this or that would be better and
left the surroundings
up to the CanCam team whom I can trust…

I was just there.

was what I thought after the photoshoot.
I’m not good at writing,
and am bad at conveying my feelings with words.
but I think I was able to them into these photographs.
I want to show them to everyone quickly
but I’m also feeling it’s embarrassing.

No, I think maybe my feeling that it’s embarrassing is stronger? (LOL)
I mean, there are lots of pictures of my butt. (LOL)
My reaction was…
『So this is what my butt is like.』 (LOL)
After all, I can’t see my own butt.
I didn’t expect my butt to be like that. (LOL)
There are also lots of offshots.
Although I want to show you everything,
I don’t know yet
what I’m allowed to show, so


here’s a Hawaiian-esque photo…
To commemorate the photo book,

we started an official Twitter and Instagram.
Offshots and news updates will be posted there!

Are you following? Please do.
In both cases, the account name? looks like
it’s short for Sayuringo photo book

and is sayuringo_pb.
Thank you~~
a series showing my physical work outs in preparation for the photo book has also started!

And it’s called 「Matsumura junbi chuu」. (Matsumura in Preparation)

It will be updated every Monday and Thursday!

Must-see material for girls of course! and also men who don’t like sports!
It’s a record of me, who doesn’t like sports, up until the photoshoot in Hawaii.
Please check this out as well.
I chose this at the airport because I thought it’d be good for the body.
Tomato juice.

Speaking of tomato juice,
doesn’t Marika-chan like it?

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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