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2017-10-12 13:30

Long time no see.
A little while ago on NogiTen 2,
we held a “Sasaki Kotoko’s Home Party.”
Kawago-san, Karin-chan, Iori, and Ayane-chan brought sweets.
While we ate,
I talked about Russia.
I got Peach Tart from Karin-chan!
And it was made really well and delicious
From Iori, I got Iori’s mom’s homemade Peanut Butter Muffins and
store-bought chocolate!
Iori’s mom’s homemade (muffins) were delicious as expected
Ayane-chan brought me cookies!
It’s actually from a place where I’ve had them before, but I like them so I was happy
Kawago-san brought pudding made from wasanbon (fine-grained sugar)!
Also, she gave me homemade muffins and cookies
with a message card attached.
I ate it at home, but it was delicious.

I wanted them to become interested in Russia.
For each member,
For Karin-chan, FIFA World Cup (I heard that she was on the soccer team some time ago, and the World Cup will be held in Russia next year)
For Kawago-san, cheese (because Russia’s dairy products are delicious)
For Ayane-chan, Alexander-Nevsky Abbey (where poets’ and
composers’ graves are)
For Iori, perfume (by a company called A New Morning)
were my recommendations.
Besides that, I explained a schedule I made for
my “If I could go to St. Petersburg…” fantasy,
and also held a quiz about Russia…
For all the details, it’s available in the NogiTen 2 archives so
please check it out!

I met with the staff a few times to plan out the episode,
but I just talked about Russia and the staff summarized that
nicely into the flipboards and made a quiz for us,
and I just got to talk about something that I like
so the planning was really fun.
Also, I was asked “How did you get this knowledge and information?”
I said that one of the ways I got the information was using “How to Walk the Earth” (a tourism guidebook),
and the staff bought me a copy of “How to Walk the Earth” for Russia on the day of the live shooting.
I also said this on Mobame, but the 3rd season of SAO has been announced.
I’m looking forward to it~

So Magi (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) had its finale on Sunday.
I’ve been only reading the manga so I’m not up to there…
I hope the anime will continue…

I look forward to the anime next year!!

・Monthly New Type is on sale
This time, Nogizaka46’s award is Eromanga Sensei!
I wanted to go to Machiasobi~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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