Matsumura Sayuri: It would be cool if I can meet with Ashibe-kunn (o・・o)

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2018/02/20 21:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
A limited time shop for
‘Shōnen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan,’ which I have a role in,
is taking place at Date Plaza on the 1st floor of Shinjuku Alta. ♡
(Date Plaza is an open space in front of Shinjuku Alta for special events)
I went to check it out briefly.
It’s super close to the station,
and is at the entrance of Shinjuku Alta
so it’s really easy to get to!
By all means, if you’re going to Shinjuku,
please check it out~ ♡
There are lots of merchandise that will sooth your soul ★
↑ It’s something like this
Ashibe-kun and Goma-chan are there ♡
When I was taking a picture.
a girl my age was also taking pictures of it.
We saw each other went “Oh ♡”. (LOL)
It’s there till the 27th!
NewType March Edition is on sale
Matsumura Sayuri and Sasaki Kotoko-chan are in it ♡
There is also a page dedicated to Mob Psycho 100, where
Yoda Yūki-chan is also therre ♡
Yoda, Yoda is doing her best in the interview ♡
Sayuringo-san and Kotoko-san
on a Hakone trip~ ♡
Sayuringo-san first time in Hakone \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////
Another shot of the CanCam cover.

I really like this Panda Macchunn~
There’s also a one-piece (dress) version pic4
Smiley Smiley Macchun ♡
Sleepy Sleepy Ikuchan in Hong Kong.
Sayuringo-san is in Ikuchan’s blog.
In that picture, Sayuringo-san is
is simply showing off her chocolate dog.
(`・ω・´)ノ° <- That's a dog.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Haruyama, Hong Kong and Mee (o・・o)

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2018/02/16 17:54

It’s Matsumura Sayuri.
Xīnnián kuàilè!! (Happy New Year!!)

Wànshì rúyì!! (Hope that your wishes will come true!!)

Shēntǐ jiànkāng (Hope that you’ll be healthy all year long!!)
Ikuo is my childhood friend!

Ryado (Ringo misspelled Richard) is everyone’s prince!

My beloved Shiraishi-senpai
She came into the picture
so my face looks nervous

I’m a rose, too ↓, in Hong Kong
This girl is seriously too cute.
I just keep taking pictures of her
and keep taking videos of her in Hong Kong.
At C3AFA Hong Kong 2018,
I tried to learn to speak in Chinese and Cantonese!

I had trouble with the different pronunciation between Chinese and Cantonese,
so right up to the event, I was practicing and listening to the interpreter.
However, I didn’t do that well and was sad about it by myself after the concert.
Then Manatsu, who also tried to speak in Chinese and Cantonese, came over,
and the two of us cheered each other up while crying.
Then all of the other members came over
and said stuff like “It’s all right~” “Thank you for trying your best”
“Zhōngyì (Cantonese for ‘I love you’)” (LOL) and comforted us.
It once again made me realize how kind the members are!!

It’s embarrassing so I’m writing it all vaguely,
but it’s a story about how things were really great behind the scenes ☆
Zàijiàn (Bye) ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: One of those makeovers (o・・o)

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2018/01/22 22:12

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
CanCam’s March Edition
is going on salee!
The cover girls are 2 members from E-girlss!

It’s the twin towers: Kaede-chn and Satō Harumi-sann
Their costume, their make-up, their whole atmosphere
is super cutee.

The middle pages is a special collection of the twin towers
with a lot of twin outfits
It’s so cutee!

You’ll be very Happy when you see itt.
This edition comes with a Barbapapa x CanCam spa bag.
Do read the CanCam March Edition~
And one more announcementt
As I announced
yesterday at
I cut my hairr!!!!
I shortened my hair by about 20cm to 30cm!
It’s about shoulder length noww.
To welcome in 2018, I wanted to renew my drive
to do my best so I just cut it off ♡
It resets my mood!
Please support the new mee!
I’ve always had long hair,
so this is the first time that my hair is this short.
It makes me feel really excited.
For people who say they liked Macchun’s twin tails,
please don’t worry, I can still wear twin tails (`・ω・´)
Images of the haircut
and the reason why I decided to cut my hair
are stated in an interview that
will be published in CanCam’s April Editionn.
I’ll announce it again when the date comes nearerr ♡

The CanCam March Edition has the last of Macchun with long hair
So please check it outt ♡
Is everyone doing okay with the snow?
I saw a few families making snowmen in my neighborhood
and it warmed my heart ♡
I think I’ll secretly have those snowmen
shown to us  ♡

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: UNNATURALL (o・・o)

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2018/01/19 17:06

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
I appeared as a guest

on TBS’s 「UNNATURAL」 episode 2.
It airs tonight from 22:00 to 22:54!
Tears, tears (`・ω・´)
Please check it out ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: I want to create a miraclee (o・・o)

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2018/01/17 12:24

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!
Today, I’ll appear on [Cream Quiz Miracle 9]
on TV Asahi at 19:00!

It is 2 hours long!
Matsumura Sayuri gave it her best!

I hope you’ll have a good time watching itt!
If you see a human with this face
It’s me!!
Normally, I’m a human like this,
but I’ll do my best on the quiz~
Well then, let’s meet at 19:00 in front of the tv!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Next Fridayy (o・・o)

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2018/01/13 14:48

It’s Matsumura Sayuri!

Released from press embargo yesterday,
I’ll appear on TBS in 「UNNATURAL」!

I’ll make a guest appearance in the episode 2 airing next week!
It is a heart wrenching episode.
I hope you will be able to feel the various
dramas of the human experience..

You might have been shocked
why I looked like that in the promotion pictures,,,
Please check it out next week to find out why ^ – ^

TBS 「UNNATURAL」 episode2
2018 Jan 19th (Fri) 22:00 ~ 22:54

Thank you!

Also, the CanCam February Edition with me as the cover girl,
will finish sales in about a week (;ω;)
It also has lots of pictures not published in my photobook
and also has lots of members I love.
and also has lots of pointers on posting good instagram pics!

In the photobook special section,
the photoshoot location is described in detail.
It’s like a Hawaii guide book^ ^

A cute looking jar of smoothie.

And a wonderfully colored wall!


You can also get a swimmer-san tote bag, but
only about one week left (;o;)

By all means, to those who haven’t gotten it yet,
please pick up a copy.



Yup, that’s cute~

Well then, bye!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Macchunn became a panda (o・・o)

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2017/12/29 18:24

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
I’ll be on the cover of
CanCam February Editionn!
Unpublished shots from the photobook,
a planning book of details of the things that I did day-to-day,
and a calendar comes with itt!
There are lots of pictures and writings featured so it should be a satisfying read!

It’s the perfect book for New Years!

Lots of other members appear as well♡

Sayuringo Army Corps

Reika-chan, Mizuki-chan, Yoda-chan, and Maichun

There really are lots of girlss!
Under Hachikō Square, on the B2F of Shibuya Station, near the Den-en-toshi Line ticket gate,
there is a giant version of me!
It’s a panda!
It’ll be there till Jan 7th!

Please try finding it this New Years~
Look for the panda-macchun~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Our Maii(o・・o)

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2017/12/11 23:24

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
Tomorrow, on December 12th
finally my first photobook

「Igai tte Iuka, Mae kara Kawaii to Omotteta」
will be on sale~!
If I do say so myself, I think this is a great work.

It is super good!!
It’s not that I’m confident in myself.
But this is really good work.

In the pictures, it’s like I come alive
and you can hear a voice.

“Oh, this girl is talking to me.” Like that.
You can feel that you are across from the Matsumura Sayuri in the photographs. That’s the kind of photobook this is.
Thank you very much~!
Today, the Sayuringo Army Corp members
did a PR on Showroom for my photobook behind my back…
I’m thankful… They are really good kids.
Sorry for always abusing my power. Thank you!
The Army Corp members are very capablee ( T_T)\(^-^ )
Also I’m doing a collaboration campaign with Tokyo Metro-sann!

「Igai tte Iuka, Mae kara Kawaii to Omotteta x
Tokyo Metro Gift Campaign」
Keep an eye out for posters inside Tokyo Metro Stations
When you hold your phone up against it, you’ll receive a bromide (photo)!

Hurry, as it will be displayed for a limited time only, from December 11th ~ December 17th(Sunday) ♡
#Since there are a lot of off-shots from the photobook shooting,
starting from tomorrow, I’ll gradually post themm~ ♡
Today, I have, of my great friends that I met at the FNS Song Festival from the other day♡

pictures of the minionss!
And a group photo!
In this picture, the minions are of course cute
and Yucchan being the only one holding an N is amazing
But above all else!!
Mai-chan is the cutestt!!!!!

She is just really cute.
What a happy face!

And her left hand tightly holding onto the minion!
Her right hand isn’t stretching out for me!!!!!!
Isn’t it the best!!!!!!!!!!
The!!!! besssssttttttt!!!!
It’s so awesome that I was going to enjoy this myself,
but since I’m feeling good, I decided to share it with everyone.
The Collaboration was also awesome.
Mai was sparkling.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Well then, later.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: I’ll stop eating soon (o・・o) Just kidding

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2017/11/25 19:36

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
We appeared in
C3 AFA Singapore 2017~~!
Besides the Nogizaka46 Live,
we participated in a talk show
and other various eventss!

Everyone’s response was really affectionate
during the live performance and the talk show so
I didn’t really feel any first-time jitters
and it was really enjoyable the whole timee!
We were very surprised
and happy that
everyone really knew the calls and
danced along with us to Kimi no Na ha Kibou.
and genuinely knows about Nogizaka46!
I was truly moved that
our songs even reach
countries across the seas、、、♡
Thank youu!
I visited
the exhibition booths,
and I got so excited and at the anime booths the whole time and got lots of pictures taken of me ♡

I’ll show a bit of my memories ♡

Gufufufufu ♡
There were many people cosplaying, too,
and the quality was imprssive!
Anime is amazing even overseass!
On the plane ride there, I watched Made in Abyss and
On the return trip, I watched The Ancient Magus’ Bride!
Planes are nice!
I get to calmly watch anime, it was the best time!
It was a fun tripp!
And, CanCam January edition is on sale!
The extra edition is the popular magic selfie light!
This time, it’s a neko-chan typee!

The cover is also neko-chan themed
with Kaeda-chan and Ayami-chann ♡
By the way, the other day,
I went to eat with CanCam Models
Miyamoto Mayu-chan and Nakajō Ayami-chann!
We had lots of fun~~♡
I’d love to meet with
other CanCam models as well~~ ^ ^♡
Later, bye.
First photo
「Igai tte Iuka, Mae kara Kawaii to Omotteta」

On sale on December 12th

【Regular Edition】
【7net Limited Edition】
【Rakuten Limited Edition]

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Matsumura Sayuri: Even after the Tokyo Dome concert, each day comes and goes (o・・o)

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2017/11/18 09:18

It’s Matsumura Sayurii!
I feel like the group’s goal has changed
to a new departure point after we finished
the Tokyo Dome concert without a hitch.
Tokyo Dome looks big when looking at it from the outside,
but it also looks big standing on stage.
I was very very excited.
When the audience came into the place,
my fear somehow went away,
and I felt
that it got more and more enjoyable
as we sang.
It feels really profound that
we were able to stand at Tokyo Dome
after being able to do so many different things
these six years.

On the second day, Moko-san and I were the only ones with twin-tailss!

It seems like it was her first time wearing twin-tails at a live??
we were chosen to appear on Kōhaku Uta Gassen
and were nominated for the Japan Record Awards!
I am very grateful!
I’ll reflect on this and do my bestt!
On November 21st
I played the role of Minori-chan.
It is for a Clione no Akari event!
Please come and visit~~
I think I’ll have more opportunities to meet you all because of things like
photobook signing events, etc. So please look forward to it!
Ah~ I want to go to Thailand~~
When anything happens, I keep remembering
fun things that happened in Thailand.
A friendly workplace!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak