NHK Special – Tokyo Reborn in Color, 100 Years of the Phoenix City, 2014-10-19, [1:12:59] Subbed

This my magnum opus in subbing.  Caveat: it’s not comedy-related.  It’s an NHK documentary (1 hour and 13 minutes long, aired on October 19, 2014), showcasing colorized footage of recently discovered film at the time, of the modern history of the city of Tokyo with the Olympics serving as symbolic milestones (the cancelled 1940 Olympics, the first 1964 Olympics, and the upcoming second 2020 Olympics).  It’s personally one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen and it has both historical relevance and modern relevance in terms of politics and geopolitics.

Thank you very much, as always, to Veliem for so patiently QCing multiple times.

Thank you very much to ErnieYoung.

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