Matsumura Sayuri: Matsumuraa is funnyy (o・・o)

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2019/02/07 18:54

It’s Matsumura(Matsumuraa) Sayuri(Sayuri).

Waraa-san’s new WEB video
has been released.

Did you guys watch the first episode!?

Maybe it is hard for me to convey it to you properly,
but I was put in charge of an important task (O_O)

Because it is so important,
I’m nervous, or I don’t even know
if I should I accept it…

But still, I will do my best in Matsumuraa★

I wonder how it will turn out…..

I have no idea!!

Episode 2 will be released on 2/8 (Fri)!!

Don’t miss it ★

Yesterday was the archangel, Hoshino Minami-sama’s

Yesterday, the atmosphere of the world
was very clear wasn’t it?
Every breath I took made me feel more purified.

The 21 year-old angel-sama
cutely tempts me every day.

Just by standing there,

Yes! Genius! is what she is,

yet she walks everyday!!! Pure!!!

When she’s singing and dancing,
she’s so brilliant that
I don’t know how to handle it ( T_T)\(^-^ )

The other day, I took a picture with
that Hoshino Minami-san.


Sometimes, when she sets her bangs,
she’s seriously tempting me, you know?
I love her. So cute. Love her.

Afterwards, many other members
said 「Oh, that’s nice ♡」 and
also took a picture with Minami-chan… Jealous!
(I’m looking forward to the uploaded picturess ☆)

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

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