Nishino Nanase: A Dream of a Seal

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2017-08-25 09:30

When I get an injury, I immediately take a photo
I take another photo the next day as well
I want to see how it heals and changes, and it feels kind of precious because you can only see it as it happens!
But now it’s a bruise and won’t completely go away I’m sad (;o;)

Aspiration Part 3.
I felt like eating sweet and sour pork!
However, I’m still scared of frying by myself, so it’s a non-fried mock sweet and sour pork.
Why didn’t I buy green vegetables~
piment~ [green peppers]
(Luncheon mat bought at a Thai exhibit)

The meat was tender, the thickness of the gravy was nice, and it was really delicious…!!!
It made me eat a lot of rice to go with it ✨
Once again, I made a meat dish. (LOL)

I actually don’t like vinegar, so this time was my first time buying it.
It’s good for your health, so I hope to use it more from now on.

A procedure that I like to do is to prick and stab the meat with a fork before it’s cooked. That indescribable feeling…
I’m glad it came out well!
I’ll try to fry it properly some time in the future.
We are in the middle of the tour.
We finished the Nagoya performance two days ago!
The remaining ones are the three performances in Nīgata. It will take place in October, so there is some time until then.
I look forward to it. [in the Nagoya dialect.]
The LINE LIVEs for Asahinagu, that’s the height of noisy, excited prattling.
Only after live concerts!
This is the previous issue, where I did a photoshoot with me holding a naginata. I also did a talk with them on heroines, which is this issue’s theme.
I would never have guessed that I would be in SWITCH magazine. … I am delighted.

And currently on sale
the October issue of non-no, which I’m on the cover of. The theme is pink!
They took cute pictures of me with pink make up and pink clothes. This autumn’s trends, in addition to an adult-like mood, I think may be various shades of pink.
Everyone, please check it out ✨

Also, samuraiELO-san shot me for a solo cover,
and for street JACK, with Maiyan, the two of us!

All of us from the cast of Asahinagu are also appearing in a lot of other fashion magazines, TV magazines, movie books, etc!! I’m grateful.
Check them out~ (^o^)
That’s Maiyan’s finger!

Nishino Nanase: Re-inflating

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2017-07-24 10:12

Good morning.

I’m more shocked when I’m bitten by a mosquito inside my house than when I’m bitten outside.

They are already making “ming ming” sounds.
The cicadas in Osaka sound like “shay shay.” I miss that.
5 times a summer, I get pranked by a sudden cicada corpse. I just get pranked without doing anything…
And it’s that season…

But when I was shooting Bemars and cicadas flew onto my back, I just went “Oh,” and didn’t really care.
Now, no way I could do that (*_*)!!
It’s already the 24th again.
This time, it’s not my own elaborate cooking. It’s a meal from a harako meshi (salmon, salmon roe, and rice) party by スイカ (“Watermelon,” a group of friends within Nogizaka46 consisting of Nishino Nanase, Saito Yuuri, Kawago Hina, Ito Karin, and Ito Junna). This ambition of mine, the second time and it’s already a spin-off. (lol)
unnamed (2)
Wow~~ Delicious!
I didn’t eat at all in preparation for this meal, so I wolfed it all down.
I wonder what it’ll be next time~

When I have time, I cook something, but it’s nothing worth posting.
I like garlic spouts!
When I make something with it, it’s usually pretty tasty ✨
it’s been a while since the Jingu Live,
but thank you very much to everyone who came!

With this live, I really realized that I am a sempai.
A sense of watching over others? Has grown in me.
It’s thanks to my kōhai.
It makes me think: I gotta do this properly! I have to be an onēsan!

During those 2 days, I strongly felt how much I really like the 1st generation girls.
When I look at their faces, I remember the past and it gets to me.
It really makes me think: I’m glad I joined Nogizaka. I’m glad I met these people!

From now, the tour starts
Let’s have fun and do our best!
↑ My favorite scene of Kazu’s.
When I think, “Just what kind of situation is this?” it makes me laugh, so I held my laughs in while letting the cherry blossoms bloom.
I’m happy that Director Yamagishi filmed us!
I want to know more about this mysterious Itami House…
I want him to write a novel about it. lol

The choreography, which is Japanese festival-like, is cute ✨
Momo-chan was often so nervous before performances that she went bonkers. lol
But she executes when the cameras roll.
Yoda-chan would speak quietly. Just watching it was soothing!

Please listen to the song many times m(_ _)m

A wild lizard during the filming.
unnamed (1)
It wouldn’t run away at all. Sad to part ways with it.
It’s tough with the heat everyday, but
gotta get through it this year, too!

I’ve recently been reading Yu Yu Hakusho. I remember watching the anime in the past as it aired on TV…
Kurama is really cool~~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nishino Nanase: Zooom

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2017-06-24 00:36

It’s Nishino.
Good morning (she typed it out in Thai)


I was appointed as a Thailand Tourism Ambassador!
I am very happy ✨
A bridge to connect Japan and Thailand!

This is my first time coming to Thailand for a photoshoot and I immediately fell in love with Thailand.
First of all, I like the cityscape! Somehow, it feels calming.
Also, Thai people were kind.
The food was delicious and the colorfulness of it is wonderful.
It makes me want to take lots of pictures..
I was happy that I could go with Kazumin for the photoshoot ✨ hehe

*Imagine glorious sound effects*

Mr. Elephantttt

Ayutthaya, Phuket, Bangkok.
To people who have been there
and to people who haven’t
I think should definitely consider coming here to discover a new Thailand that awaits.
Next time I want to go to Phuket~
I was given the opportunity to be on the front cover
It has been a few years, so I am happy (^o^)!
It is totally different than the usual mode, we were able to give it a cool feeling and style ✨
Please take a look.
Thank you very much m(__)m
It’s the 23rd of the month, so of those ambitions, Part 1.
This is the first one so I decided on stewed pork cubes, which I am used to making
When I first came to Tokyo, my mom would make it and bring it to me, which I would freeze to preserve it and then eat a little bit of it at a time, but I wanted to learn how to make it myself so I had her teach it to me.
Simmer with stuff like apples and fruits for about 3 hours!
Ginger, too!
Oh, I substituted sugar with honey.

It takes time to make, but I eat it up really quickly.
I wonder if something like this is OK ヽ(´▽`)/
I’ll do my best tomorrow as well~

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nishino Nanase: Another Half

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2017-06-03 20:24

Happy birthday
I turned 23 on May 25th!

Flowers I received from Haruyama-san ✨
On the 25th~27th I live streamed on SHOWROOM twice and did a radio broadcast and
I participated in a promotional campaign in Sendai for 2 days,
busy, busy!
While travelling from one location to another, I refilled my energy by eating delicious food…
It was a fulfilling day.
It has been a while since I did any regional promotion,
but this tight, jam-packed, busy feeling is also fun.

I’m wearing a Nana T-shirt that Shitara-san gave me…
on All Night Nippon with Yuuri!

Two big plans.

①Ambitions of a 23-year-old:
A question that is often asked on birthdays. Because I have no ambitions, I had the listener-sans think of something for me.
It was decided that
on the 23rd of every month, I will cook up some elaborate dishes and post it on my blog.
It feels like this ambition will really increase my feminine power!
I want to do my best (=^▽^)σ

②White Rice Grand Prix:
Where listener-sans gave me ideas for side dishes that go well with white rice.
The splendid grand prix winning combination is:
butter + soy sauce + seaweed tsukudani.
At age 23, this was the first time I really tried this dish. It was verrrryyyyyyyy delicious!
It tasted like nothing I have ever experienced before!

Thank you for sending me so many responses!
It was very enjoyable. ✨

22 was a wonderful age for me.
I want to make 23 as good if not better!

“SmaSTATION!!” will be broadcasted live
on TV Asahi affiliates on 6/3 (Sat) at 23:05 ~ 23:59

“Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokusoubu” 2 hour SP will air
on Nippon TV affiliates on 6/19 (Mon) at 19:00 ~ 21:00

Please watch!


Aren’t you excited for the Summer Tour~
I often get bruises during live performances because I bump into things I guess,
but I don’t realize it until after it’s over. Adrenaline!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nishino Nanase: Nishino Island

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2017-05-15 19:00

Suiyoubi no Downtown (Wednesday’s Downtown)
Hayaben Sensei (a segment on Suiyoubi no Downtown)
It has been a long time since I laughed so much in front of the TV. It was funny…
The pitfall competition from last time was funny, too…
Thank you very much m(_ _)m

I often get asked what my favorite Nogizaka song is and
I like each one for what they are
so there isn’t one that I’d quickly think of and go, “Oh, that one!”
But I like Kikkake.
Also, I like the song I did as a unit with Waka and Reika that’s in the 3rd album. I’ve listened to it countless time.
Rewind Ano Hi.
Please look forward to it ✨
In recent handshake events, the frequency of pattern shirts has increased!!
It makes me feel lively and happy.
I want a new pattern shirt, too~

Lately, I’m into American casual and street fashion ((o(^∇^)o))

nishino nanase 0515 ed1
Suika (an informal unit consisting of Nishino, Yuttan, Kawago, Karin, Junna)
I went to Ishigakijima, Okinawa. Junna couldn’t go because she had work (T . T)
Hina-chan had work as well, so she returned to Tokyo early (T . T)
We ate,
took pictures, laughed,
ate, and ate…

nishino nanase 0515 ed2

We took many pictures,
so please check it out on everyone’s blogs. LOL
I’ll also upload them here and there~

It was a delicious and fun trip ✨
I don’t know when the next one will be, but let it be with all 5 of us!

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nishino Nanase: For Refills

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2017-04-03 18:42

It’s April~~
In the 22 years that I’ve been alive, I have never participated in April Fools.
With such an opportunity to be able to lie, a good one that won’t be seen through would be great
but I’d just go, “I can’t think of one~,” and have just let it go like that to this point.
Someday I hope to have a lie I can tell confidently -_-b
TGC. Thank you very much!
I was able to do a collab called SHIBUYA109 Fukujin.
With Minami, the 2 of us collabed with FIG&VIPER-san to make hats ✨
Doiya-san! (Note: the item they made were hats with Doiya on it)
I was happy to see many people wearing the hats at the Handshake Event!

nishino nanase 0403 ed

At LOWRYS FARM’s stage
I walked with Asuka as a pair.

When I see signs, uchiwa, and towels with my name on it,
it gives me a lot of courage.
And most of all, hearing the cheers!
They make me so happy, waa~~ But I’m sorry that I couldn’t respond to everyone.
I did see and hear everything!
Thank you very much.

I can’t get used to such glittery events, but every time I get on the runway with determination. I’m getting great experience from this. Thank you very much m(_ _)m
We had a handshake event in Osaka.
To everyone who came, thank you very much.
The first time in 5 years.
During the mini Live, my headset was unstable, because I was moving wildly.
Every time I would fix it with one hand… then it would slip again… then fix again… then slip again.
I could not concentrate on the dancing!! (>_>) Gotta improve on that.

I got in the day before, so I also got a meal with just those of us who wanted to go ✨
I usually don’t go out to eat so
I always look forward to these!
Sharing a warm meal with 5 or 6 people while chatting and listening to stories and laughing.
What a great atmosphere it was.
I’ll do my best-

*Note: The original pictures that Nishino uploaded were deleted.

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak

Nishino Nanase: Silhouettes of Fish

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2017-04-14 22:36

Lately, I tend to get cramps in
places I’ve never gotten before,
places that make you go, “You can get cramps here?”
Like my shoulder joint and my hip.
Yesterday was my neck. It hurttt
It didn’t hurt as much as the “Special Surprise Attack when Waking Up in the Morning in My Calves” but it’s making me go ughh. (-_-)


Long~ corridor
My favorite!
I want to run there with my bare feet.

It is nice & fun to go to various places for a photoshoot!
The ryokan’s large public bath is my reward!
I like to look at the scenery from the car. The view outside is different than that of Tokyo’s with nature and openness.
I think it makes me feel relaxed ✨
In my dreams, I often see my school or the route to my school in my hometown, but it is somewhat different from how it actually is.
But my memory is vague and I can’t actually check it.
Was it like this? Oh well, but it’s nostalgic, I say to myself in the dream.
Hazy hazy.
One day, I will go on a verification tour!
I want to read Houseki no Kuni.
I had some free time between photoshoots and
went to the bookstore to buy Monthly Afternoon~
The clerk didn’t place the book in a plastic bag and instead he placed it in a beige paper bag. I feel relieved.
One of those that make a rustling sound!

I started reading this manga last year.
The uniforms of the jewels are super cute, their style is super cute,
the setting isn’t explained much, I’m so into its worldbuilding.
I ended it up liking it really fast!
I love Antarcticite-san.
I look forward to it (^o^)!

I want to be close to manga for the rest of my life (^o^)
Kii-chan’s foot

Translated by: Veliem
Edited by: Conjyak